Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Story Tag of 10 Compulsory Words..

Story Tag

narrowband tagged me and so I've to crack my head to come up with a story... this is tough with entry of between 100-200 words.. and with these words have to be included only once,

1. I
2. me
3. blowjob
4. grapes
5. random
6. power
7. loneliness
8. water
9. robot
10. blue

A ghey poem type story

I woke up feeling all sick and queasy, like someone had pulled the insides out of ME.

Was still recovering from the grossest porn flick i've seen.

it showed a guy BLOWJOBbing a camel, which had GRAPES like runnings.

The background was a RANDOM feature, from a POWER of a higher order.

Crafted by solitude and LONELINESS, like a river filled with still WATER.

A huge ROBOT decended from the heavens,and stepped on the poor ronin.

Whose head spilted into two, and his body was black and BLUE.


Robin said...

har... like that also can?

Esp on the blowjob part....

narrowband said...

Hahah, this is the first poem-sounding version ive seen! Tough leh. Btw I stumbled upon the blog whose owner started this meme!

Chen said...

*pening* reading this, hahahahha....

Anonymous said...

the original lame meme can be found here

Eat Full Nothing better to do.

Alicia said...

robin : tembak ma :D

narrowband : hehe duno wad to write..

chen : i'm pening too.. for composing this

shadowfox : dat's y i dun tag ppl xD haha