Monday, June 26, 2006

Do I look like Chicken Little?

Sometime ago, when Chicken Little was in cinema, my friends say that I look like that cute little chicken. One of my friend even mailed me a pair of Chicken Little glasses as a gift for me.

Do I really look like Chicken Little?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lunch @ Blue Dragon, Cheras

This is the entry that I’ve always wanted to post whenever we went there for lunch. But finally my wish came true simply because I brought along my camera, muahahaha...

Cut the crap short, we had our lunch at Blue Dragon Thai Restaurant located at Cheras Business Centre facing the MRR Bridge. It is one of my highly recommended places for lunch as it has those nice exotic ambience, good music, good food that comes in generous portion too, double story and air conditioned.

So we choose among the varieties of set lunch available.

All the set lunches come with a glass of iced lemon tea and a tom yam soup.

Inside the soup there are decent portions of fish fillets, mushrooms and vegetables. These were what we have ordered:

I’ve ordered Spicy Fried Rice Set, my favourite set dish there!

Other varieties include Pineapple Fried Rice Set

and Spicy Fish Fillet Rice Set

The price? RM10.90 per set not including 10% service tax and 5% government tax. I must conclude that it looks expensive but you will be happy to pay for your set lunch because it’s worth the value!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Nottiboi aka The SmashDOG!

This doggie is really 'very the useless' if you want to rely on him to safe guard the house. One moment he is barking like hell when he met a total stranger for the first time, the next moment that total stranger will entirely become his good friend after he has been hugged. So now you know how useless that doggie is

The nottiboi at night with his trademark n-shape left ear. Can't sit still, very hard to shoot him at close range

...but in the morning, fuiyor!!! I tell you... that nottiboi suddenly becomes hyper-active as a smashDOG!!!

He can run...

He can jump...

He can SMASH!

You know, the whole morning, he ran hurdles again and again with the record breaking 400m hurdles styles. I think he should have covered a half-marathon distance within a few minutes of letting him out in the garden alone. Should Alicia's sister did not stop him in time, he should have done a complete marathon with hurdles

Not only that, he can really high-jump again and again! smashpOp can jump, but smashDOG jumps miles higher

So I bring you... the trademark smashDOG jump...

Lets just hope that smashpOp didn't discover this post, kekekeke

So in the end, the trademark tongue after just a few minutes of running and jumping around

End of story

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chicken Rice and Seafood Hor Fun in Thick Sauce

A plate of chicken rice

Seafood Hor Fun

I miss having these.. they're delicious and is available everywhere in Malaysia..

The chicken rice can be served with either white rice or yellow rice.. the yellow rice is normally more fragant and tastier.. the hor fun is a type of noodles made of rice flour.. there are many types of cooked hor fun such as fried, wa tan hor and soupy hor fun..

hor fun is also known as "kuey teow" and is very popular in Ipoh..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ya.. I Hate Heels

heels, they're classy, elegant, cute, sweet and pretty.. it made a lady looks good when put all together with a matching outfit..

but.. this cute little thingy.. doesn't sort of get my attention or priority at all as i dislike them.. i don't drive to work and this requires me to walk alot and sometimes i may walk in crowded places too (depending on situation).. and so.. wearing friggin heels is not an ultimate choice as it'll be a big burden for me..

besides burden, it'll also slow my pace and restrict my movement..

ya i don't walk like a lady.. i dun glide and fancy "catwalk".. in fact i like walking fast and i hate people who blocked my way for some "gay" reason.. like standing at the middle of the way like a LOG or particularly walk like a slomo tortoise...

anyhow.. i can't get rid of this sort of shoes too when it's a necessity to be presentable for some "gay" function..

and one more thing.. it's not a comfortable thing to wear on.. and sometimes it can be friggin expensive!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What has dai chow gotta offer..

Variety of Food

Dai chow in chinese stands for big fry or normally the food are prepared by stir fry or a big wok..

in the picture.. clockwise from 12 is fried tofu, stir fry black pepper meat, rendang/curry chicken, sambal prawn, vegetable curry, fu yong egg and sweet and sour meat..

what i like bout dai chow is the food is normally nice and served fast and it can be cheap depending on selected places..

Monday, June 05, 2006

Kai Lap Fan (Chicken Rice Ball)

In Melaka there is something special about chicken rice, it's not just any rice but rice balls!

So the other day we purposely went all the way from KL for lunch

Nah.. just kidding.. we went there to shoot around Melaka, with digicam of course

These were the rice balls

This was the chicken...

and some vegetables

and we were happily full for that afternoon

Nice grilled tomatoes breakfast


This is a healthy breakfast.. grilled tomatoes!! along with some nasi lemak..

it's easy to prepare, looks good and tastes good..

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Today i'm gonna blog bout ikan.. ok.. not jellyikan (jellyfish) .. but "ikan"..

ikan is a malay word which carries the meaning of "fish" xD

ok for the first picture.. i don't know wad is it called...

the second one is flower horn fish.. some mixed breed which fish lovers find it very unique and beautiful..