Tuesday, January 30, 2007

lately on January 07

I've been reading.. yes!! reading.. I am currently reading this book, 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey. I do hope that I could finish it soon :P as I don't quite fancy reading..

As I've blogged before, I can't finish a whole book each time I read one. My current pace is bout few pages in a week? hehe.. oh well at least I do take the initiative.. and i hope i'll finish this.. tho it might take longer than others do..

in another event, today the LRT has got technical issues again.. dang, i was so scared that i might miss the bus to work.. i wonder how frequent will this happen? and as for frequency of busses? i doubt it's just 20 minutes as i've experienced waiting for one for almost half an hour.. hmm i guess all i could say is just.. "welcome to malaysia! this is it!!" haha... and accept wadever it is as i've decided to take this path.. of not becoming a car owner..

i guess that's for it.. my short entry.. hehe

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cooking plans up to date!

1. tofu with thick and spicy souce - done
2. rice with chicken chop in garlic sauce served with green vege and a sunny side up
3. grilled chicken marinated with spices.. i can already imagine the tender and juicy meat..
4. steam chicken with dong gwai (i had never made this before.. but i bet it's easy) - done
5. try making bread again.. experiment
6. lotus soup with groundnuts - done
7. fish with mild tomato sauce - done
8. crispy chicken with thick sauce (with capsicum, large onions, garlic, dried chilis)
9. crispy fried chicken marinated with 5 spice powder
10. chicken in creamy black peppercorn sauce - done

hehe i did these too:
11. cheese baked rice
12. spiced indian rice with chicken curry
13. taw eww bak with egg

Homemade cheese baked rice with fish fillet

I love to cook and been having thoughts of making lots of new recipes. Recently I've tried another one which I considered a fail project. Hehehe.. nevertheless thanks to my housemate and sister for the critics and saying that it's sorta good?

I don't know when will I make this again. But, I bet it'll be an improved version the next round like wad I've done for my indian rice project.

Cheese baked rice with marinated fried fish and prawns

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My version of indian rice

Rice served with curry and egg

It's a simple and nice meal with chicken curry and the rice is bario rice cooked with indian style as in, it's cooked with indian herbs and spices.

The egg is cooked with finely chopped french beans. It's a good combination anyway but best if the egg is cooked with preserved radish. (choi pou tan)

Tasty Ipoh Nga Choi Kai?

The Restaurant - Onn Kee

Village Chicken with Soy Sauce gravy

Bean Sprouts or Nga Choi

Dry Curry Hor Fun

I went back to Ipoh the other day and had nga choi kai at Onn Kee. Many would say Lou Wong is nicer but for me, as an Ipoh lang, i prefer Onn Kee as the gravy and texture of the chicken is much better.

Lou Wong is on the other hand, cheaper and much popular but, I guess it's just up to people's preferance.

Normally I will order hor fun with clear soup or dry curry hor fun to go with nga choi kai. Famous Ipoh pork balls are available here too

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yong Tao Foo from Paramount Garden

I had this bout a week ago at Paramount Garden which the restaurant is located just next to the dim sum restaurant(Restoran Key Way) and Hong Leong Bank near to the Giant Hypermart

One thing which I love most is the curry chee cheong fun and porridge. The chee cheong fun tastes good and the porridge is rich with yummy ingredients like oyster, peanuts and meat.

Yong tofu costs 70 cents each and is served with clear soup.

Been busy lately

I guess I've sorta abandoned my site for sometime. New year, new job, new bed, new resolutions and etc.

I've been feeling kinda comfortable this year. I am happy with my job, family, dog, and plans. Basically I would say sort of everything and I hope it goes well with my determination to keep it this way.

Posted here is chicken rice from Ipoh. What's special bout this is, it's served with marinated fried chicken. I had this in an old coffeeshop beside Ayamas shop which is located near to Super Kinta and Yik Foong.