Friday, December 15, 2006


Ikan Jeli :P

I like this photo. It has been recently taken with my n91 with the assitance of PhotoRite software :P Cute huh?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dinner with fellow bloggers at Wong Poh

Yesterday nite, I had a wonderful dinner with Chen, SBunBoy, Ikan, Agus and Ayam Panggang. It was my first time meeting with Chen and she's a very friendly lady..

We went to Wong Poh at Dataran Prima and had crabs, meat, vege and tofu.

Claypot Tofu

Salted Egg Crab

Stir Fry Kai Lan

Deep Fried Sotong

Stew Pork with Yam

Signature dish - Butter Crab

The crabs are yummy.. especially the butter crab.. hope that we'll have such makan gathering again..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hate JCard Day!!

In the bus

for some particular reasons:
1. I DON'T have a JCard
2. friggin traffic congestion caused by this event
3. i've to suffer more than usual as there are more people boarding the feeder bus to bangsar LRT

on the jcard day, i went to work and get home like normal days except for the unusual event which happened on my way home..

my seat is as depicted.. cause of the crowded situation, the uncle have to lean towards my seat.. and i've to squeeze myself to adapt to that position which he's having.. (ok i don't mind bout this)..

the biggest problem? body odour and god knows how long has this chap never wash his clothes.. OMG.. i was like trying to get fresh air all the time in the bus.. the torture is indescribable.. at that time.. my "tolerance-o-meter" is at the boiling point and i felt like screammmming and tell him not to be too much with his position.. but i just went through the ordeal quietly..

gah.. dat's wad the Jcard day did to me.. dang.. i wish there will b no more such days..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's in a Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa

The Sarawak Laksa is a famous local delicacy.. it's cooked with fresh prawns, chicken stock, spices and coconut milk..

I had this from laksa shackks and it tastes more like curry mee.. therefore i think the original laksa from sarawak will definitely taste better.. anyway it's still nice and the price is absolutely reasonable at RM 10 and below

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A foreigner on Malaysia

i find this article interesting :)

the article:


i'm a fan of purple cane restaurant.. simply cuz that the food is nice and "special".. most dishes on the menu are cooked using tea..

Marinated Deep Fried Chicken Boxing

Steam fish with ginger and Seafood fried noodles

the marinated deep fried chicken boxing is a must try.. it's crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside.. there's a hint of tea taste and it's abit sweet..

the fish is so so and the noodles is great with loads of seafood like prawns and fish (sometimes)

there's only 1 restaurant from this chain of tea shops and it's at:

The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
No.1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 K.L. Malaysia
Tel: 603-22723090 Fax: 603-22723281

Saturday, November 11, 2006

This guy is extraordinaire.. awesome..

Vitas Lucia di Lammermoor

i like his video clips and his voice is powerful..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


GG lost my car keys. Screwed.

Been getting into Heroes more although this past weeks episode was a little week, but overall one of the better shows on t.v now. Hiro is the coolest. Can't wait for them to fully reveal the plotline and find out which side each character is on.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Mega Life Saving Event

do come and join us..
please click on the picture for a larger view...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some LRT crap

Sometime ago on a Friday morning

I don't know why the hell do I always encounter such situation whenever I reach any LRT stations.

This is definitely one of the experiences which I've had. Previously just when I reached the LRT station in KL Central, trains started to halt and yadda yadda and in another scenario, once I've got myself at the Kelana Jaya station, the autogate started to wind down half the length.

Then, there was even one which, once i've boarded the train, "bang!" sound from above the rail, and a message sounded like this began.. "tren akan bergerak perlahan.." (the train will move slowly)..

I guess, I'm not that lucky with LRT all the time? isn't?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Random fun things

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange

At Your Highest:
You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.

At Your Lowest:
You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

In Love:
You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You're Attractive:
You are very affectionate and inspire trust.

Your Eternal Question:
"Am I Respected?"

You Are 40% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

You Are An INTJ

The Scientist

You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems.
Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized.
You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others.
Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you.

You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer.

You Are a Dragon

You are very charismatic and incredibly popular.
People are drawn to your energy, but you are a very difficult person to get to know.
You are very active - you are usually hard at work or play.
You enjoy drama, and you enjoy anything unusual or eccentric.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Malacca - Satay Celup?

The tasty, sweet and spicy gravy

sticks of goodies dipped into the gravy..

satay celup is a famous malaccan delicacy.. it's some sort like "lok lok" but the main difference is they used gravy instead of plain water to cook the items which is stuffed onto a stick..

simply dip your stick of goodies for like 1-3 minutes and voila!! it's ready to be consumed..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fall In Love With Me

I'm addicted to this song..
Fall In Love With Me by Ashlee Simpson

Let's run away
Name a place
Where the air tastes like rain
And the sun shines like Sunday morning

You bring your laugh and I'll bring my sense of humor
And we can the waste days
One week after another

Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me
Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me

Don't need a book
Don't need anything but
The art of conversation and the lovely gift of sleep

We won't leave till sand's in everything and
Hearts are full of breeze
And we've caught up on our daydreeming

Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me
Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me

When the night comes
We can stay in bed
And what's left to talk about
Is better left unsaid

Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me
Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me
Turn it up turn it up I'm falling
Turn the music up and fall in love with me

What the hell is a roti canai / prata goreng?

so here it is.. jeng jeng jeng!!!
Roti Canai Goreng

i don't know how did they come out with this kind of food.. anyway it's kinda creative isn't it? it tastes like mamak mee goreng and it's just that the main ingredient is roti canai instead of noodles..

kinda special i'd say and it's available in some mamak shop in Bangsar!

Chicken Rice Balls in Malacca

i went to Malacca Makan Gathering recently with a bunch of good friends.. here is what i had there...
Steamed Chicken or Village Chicken

chicken rice balls
and lastly
the shop

i don't know the location of the shop.. but from what i heard is that i was nearby batu berendam.. hehe.. anyway the food is fantastic..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Deli tuna Sandwhich
Deli tuna Sandwhich+ Sun Chips
Nothing extraodinary about it just your basic tuna+lettuce+tomato sandwhich. Not sure how Quizno's justifies their prices. All they do is toast their sandwhiches and charge an extra dollar or two.

Random Groundskeeper at SBC park. Haha I was bored during pregame and took a picture. This was about a month ago when the Giants had a chance, GG starting pitching sucked down the stretch.

Lucky number Slevin was pretty good just somewhat predictable. Had some pretty funny dialogue and a good all around cast.

5 in the morning; time to go to sleep.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life has been...

i'd say quite interesting to me..

there have been so many things happening to me. I made alot of new friends, be it good, bad, trustable or no and alongside with it there are good and bad memories.

yah.. update.. i've got my own home now.. i cook alot.. but alas! always forgot to take pictures of food i cooked.. i've just made herbal beggar chicken and taw eww back recently and invited for like.. bout 5 white mice to my house to test out.. the chicken is so so but not to my standard.. prolly i'll just organize makan crap again and try making the chicken for the 2nd time..

my current plan would be making roast or grilled chicken with chicken sheperd's pie and coleslaw.. (coleslaw will be made by my sis - thx to her).. hehe i'm just not someone who likes making salad anyway... i hope i could execute this plan next week?

anyway.. thanx to all of you guys here who kept visiting my blog irregardless.. haha.. i admit that i've been lazy! haha.. more updates soon!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pizz'a Chicago and others.

Had the pizza about 3 months ago but had been too lazy to upldate and make a post about it .
Full PieSlice

Had the Great Chicago Fire which consisted of Italian sausage, diced tomato, peppers, cilantro and garlic. While it's not a true Chicago deep dish(doesn't have a top crust and cheese/sauce covring it) it's the closet thing in terms of crust depth and volume. The peppers and sausage gives the pizza a little extra kick when you eat it but nothing to make you sweat. Since it's so think after 2-3 slices you're set.

On another note Fall semester started and it's gonna be loads of fun. Enviromental cost benefit analaysis, 20th century world history, Philosphy of Science, and the best class of them all, Microeconomics analysis. Gonna have to write loads of essays this semester. FUN

Is it me or has the summer dvd releases blown? The only decent ones i've seen is Sentinel and Inside Man, and both of them weren't all that great to begin wtih. They had a strong plot/introduction but their endings left you going "wtf?". They could have easily extended the movie an extra 30 minutes and actually come up with a decent ending. I also don't get the hype over "V for Vendetta". It was not that great of a movie. One person going against the corrupt gov't? Like i've never seen that plot before? Aeonflux,Ultraviolet,Equalibrium,1948,Fahrenheit 451? I'll admit the action scenes were good but the movie was dry and half the scenes served no purpose other than being filler material.

Gonna go finish up Black Cross by Greg Iles. Pretty good book if you have a chance to read it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something from Penang Kopitiam

White Coffee and Rojak

Half boiled egg and ice kacang

Special Durian Chendol

Toasted bread with margerine and sweet coconut milk jam (kaya)

Having desserts and some light snacks at penang kopitiam is nice with good surroundings and ambience..

the food is kinda ok.. and i like the durian chendol most.. price is kinda reasonable too..

This cafe is at the same row with Murni mamak stall in SS2

An announcement

To all, please help my friend to locate wira se black WMP1645. The fella hit his car n run away. My friend is now bz reporting this incident n will update later, thanks.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Alicia had lunch at Friendz Cafe (Taman Mayang)

Dessert - Barley with soy product
i don't know what is fu chuk called in english..

Mapo Tofu Rice

Poster of the rice

It looks really different eh? btween the real product and the display..

Yam Cake

Dessert - Ice Kacang

The food is ok overall.. and the price is kinda reasonable..

Details of the cafe:
Friendz Cafe
No . 3 Jalan SS26 / 6 Taman Mayang , Petaling Jaya Phone : 03 - 7806 3304 ...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alicia Had Freshwater Prawns at Tanjung Tualang

Starter - Roasted Peanuts

Main Specialty - Freshwater prawns cooked with oatmeal

Steam Fish with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Stir Fry Green Vegetable with Garlic

Total cost : approximately RM 70-80 (kinda cheap & reasonable)

Jelly, his gf and me went to Tanjung Tualang too and at this place we had the famous freshwater prawns at "Sun Mee Fong" restaurant.

the prawns and fish are superb.. and not to mention that the price is kinda cheap when compared to those in KL..

Tanjung Tualang is definitely the right place for freshwater prawns..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Alicia had real Kampar Fish Ball Noodle

The Kampar Specialty - Kampar Fried Fish Ball

Accompanying side - yong tofu

Jelly, me and his gf had some tour around perak.. One of the places we went to is Kampar and we had the original kampar fish ball there..

the fish balls is definitely nice and it stays crispy for quite long..

the stall which we went to is near to the old rex cinema and Kampar Market..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smallest Pineapple Ever

I was taking a stroll at my neighbourhood the other day and this is wad i've discovered..

A very small pineapple at the park!

Very interesting and cute to me xD

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kite Making.. Wonderful Colours.. :) (Part 2)

Upon reaching Desaru, i took part in kite making with a bunch of people

This is a cute one..

A greenish snake look alike kite..

A colorful one with lots of leaflets

And a traditional malaysian art kite

overall it's a great xperience.. and ya.. i don't have my group's kite here.. :)