Saturday, December 31, 2005

HotteST LEnG Jai or BoI

Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng.. And now presenting the HottEsT Doggie..

Taken frm merv haha..

ATB - Seven Years

Been listening to songs from this album..

Songs in this album are

1. Humanity
2. Let U Go [2005 Reworked]
3. Believe in Me
4. Trilogie, Pt. 2
5. Take Me Over
6. Far Beyond
7. Here with Me
8. Ecstacy
9. Marrakech
10. In Love with the D.J.
11. Long Way Home
12. I Don't Wanna Stop
13. You're Not Alone
14. Hold You
15. Let U Go
16. Fields of Love
17. Summer
18. Killer
19. Don't Stop
20. 9 PM ('Till I Come)

my recommendations : Ecstacy, Marrakech, Summer and 9 PM ('Till I Come).. the rest r kinda ok too

Friday, December 30, 2005

My life has been very "HAppeNinG"

i've been MIA frm my blog for few days due to a ghey programming assignment that has been making me sooooooo tensed up.. some struts framework + jsp + js password change/request application... this freakin assignment is killing me!!! becuz of this application.. i broke my record of not goin home later than 5.35pm yesterday....

i stayed in the office till about 7.30pm and was happily heading to the bus stop.. n as usual.. i board a bus and can't wait to go home.. just about 1 min b4 i got off.. again! rain started to pour heavily.. -____- the so "chun" event.. and i've to walk back to my condo WET!...

and today? guess wad.. i locked my keys in my room.. dat means i won't b having access to my own room and condo tonite if my sis is not coming for my rescue.. n so here's the story of how i got my keys locked in :

i was preparing to go out for work liao.. den i saw a siu keong in frnt of my room.. i don't want that siu keong to get into it and so i shooed him with my slipper.. alas.. i didn't remember i haven't bring my keys out and so.. there goes...

i'm feeling really crappy now.. kill me pls -.-

Monday, December 26, 2005

Being UpSeT

blocking evryone on my msn list.. keeping quiet.. locking myself in the room and ignoring r some of the things dat i did when i was upset...

i'm not a perfect person and the same goes to evryone out there... it does take time for me to feel better again for maybe i'm a really small gas person.. that's just me..

i dun like creating hate atmosphere nor raising up my temper/voice and have a super big fight.. instead i like to keep it in a very calm manner and shut myself up till it finally fades away...

the bad thing is if one keeps irritating me.. i tend to have the explosive period which i dun think anyone would like seeing that..

Puppies at Chatuchak MaRket

I went to chatuchak market for my trip in bangkok and i went to this doggie section which they have..

this is a pic of a thai lady holding a dog..

aww.. dey're soooo cute... lots of puppies there but too bad can't bring them home...

i didn't enquire prices of the dogs anyway but i bet dey're cheap..

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Domino's PizZa xD

few weeks ago.. it was one of my collegue's b'day and we celebrated his birthday in the office during lunch hour..

we got him a vegetarian birthday cake.. hmmm i duno wad cake izzit :P

obviously i'm interested in the pizzas than the cakes..

dominos is good :P i like it's thin crust.. i haven't try cheese layer.. i wonder when can i do that.. i noe if i were to order 1.. for sure that i won't b able to finish it..

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Simon Webbe : Sanctuary

I'm now listening to songs by Simon Webbe...

this album.. sanctuary is great.. all the songs r smooth and nice to listen to.. and it's definitely not something like prodigy or linkin park.. :)

Wad's in my RoOm

my bed of cuz.. i like lots of pillows.. softies.. cushions.. wadever u name it.. but since that i'm just renting a room.. i dun think it's wise to bring too muc things with me..

a bottle of liquor.. i have it mebbe about 4-5 times a week.. 2 spoons full each time..

sometimes there's food in my room...

and me on my bed :)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Crappy Days

days have been quite crappy for me recently ever since i came back frm Bangkok..

it was monday... after the trip n i took a bus home.. the sky was so clear that i've got the slightest idea dat it's gonna rain.. and just about a few metres away frm the bus stop which i was gonna board.. the rain started to pour heavily.. i uttered "yeah great!".. and there my bad mood struck.. i've to run to the condo wet with all my luggages, bags n stuffs.. n when i reached the condo.. i wanted to stomp my feet because of anger.. and of cuz i didn't do dat lar.. me grow up liao.. but i still said something like "wad the hell... this is a crappy day.. urrghh!"..

on tues - thurs i went to work as usual...

and on friday.. i was so happy that it's finally the last working day of the week.. i was gonna go home after work and then again.. it started to rain just about 10 mins before i got to leave my office... immediately after i stepped out of the office i grumbled "this is super crap.. of all the days.. y friday when i'm gonna go back to my hometown.. and at this hour.. urrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!"..

at nite i finally reached home and was greeted warmly by my dad.. pipi and nottiboi...

i tot there will b no more crappy events.. but to my dismay.. stimx made me stim.. so i didn't get to upload photos which i took in bangkok or download any stuffs which i needed..

even my laptop has been ghey.. refused to load desktop contents unless that i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del to logoff my acc and relog.. thankfully it is fixed.. and this came with a price...

my pictures are all gone! i was like "wad the freak!" i was so frustrated and in bad mood cuz there's no backup for the photos.. darn! i hate it..

and dat explains y i've been having bad mood..

Thursday, December 22, 2005

GPRS - Locate your friend (with MAP)

Maxis has came out with a new service, "Friend Finder" (a permission-based service) which enable users to locate whereabouts of their friends...

i think this is a good application as parents can now keep track of their children...

Living in a SmaLL WoRld

live goes on and the world kept changing evryday.. evrybody grew older day by day but somehow.. sometimes there are ppl who creates a little world for themselves that the attention to it is undividable.. that one wouldn't know his/her environment is actually evolving..

this is a description of how i feel at times..

for instance.. previously, when i reached KL after a long break in Bangkok on Monday.. i saw ppl working and travelling and the traffic is still like the usual mondays.. at that moment i realized that the world is so big.. everything around me is moving and none of that seems to get my attention most of the time.. only then i knew i have been so busy giving attention to the small tiny world that i've created...

for years i kept advising myself not to look back, proceed and look forward to every aspects of life n yet i failed doing so...

at times i would remember how much i enjoyed being in ipoh and kampar(when i was studying there) and would think of those special ppl who have touched my life.. like how one would walk from the college to my place just to buy me lunch (15 mins walk each round) in a mere 1 hr break under the hot sun and how one would nver fail waking up early every morning to fetch me to class... it was all so sweet that the beauty of it was i didn't even request or expect anything..

besides.. i dun deny that i still need to be taken care of.. i'm an attention craver.. hence dat's y i kept thinking of my hometown cuz i wouldn't need to be independent and alone there..

i need to grow up and stop thinking of things dat is now a history.. and some say.. i need to change cuz as wad they told me i'm still very muc like a small girl and immature.. i dun noe how true is that.. perhaps that's just part of me that can't seem to let go of some memories..

i think the inner me is still very muc the same like how i were when i was 17...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

StimX is worse than dail up

as usual i went back to my hometown and was looking forward to make full use of the adsl connection available..

i planned to install some applications that will be helpful for my job and play some games over the weekend.. to my dismay.. StimX strikes again! woo hooo.. i dun noe wad r they up to right now.. which the connection is so ghey that the download speed is down to just 500 bps.. this just rocks.. not to mention the estimated download time is "unknown"...

i seriously dun understand how can a telecomm company hv the amount of money to keep making promotions and just not improve their services? wad's the purpose of having a new image if the products offered is sucky?

darn.. stimX is being subscribed just to get someone STIM! and i wonder if the new promotional school holidays package is being targeted as a scheme to c how furious ppl can be over the quality of the service...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Look! A Language Translation Tool

i find this very useful from Google

now everybody can view websites with alien wordings and texts.. :P


I'm not very sociable and i suck in human relations.. i find it way muc better to express myself thru texts or chats than verbally in real life.. hence dat's y i've got more virtual frens than real life frens..

i miss my real life frens.. i'm desperate to c and to talk to them again like wad i've had during my school life.. nevertheless this will never ever seem to come true as ppl change.. i did make the move to contact them and to my dissapointment.. there was no reply.. i even have long lost frens whom i've lost their contacts..

i'm so screwed.. having a 9-5 job now is freakin mundane... doing the same repetitive activities every weekdays.. this is worse to the fact that i dun have family n close frens in KL..

perhaps things would be much better if i did something to it and meet up new frens... this is not impossible.. but i sort of refuse doing it as i've been living in my own "comfort zone"

when i was in my rented room.. lying alone on my bed and watching tv.. i kept thinking of myself.. of how nice would it be to hv notti boi bside me.. my parents.. my pc.. my own room and my sis... and as always.. the reality struck me that it's really hard to find an IT job in ipoh and i've to forget bout it..

life just doesn't always get to the way we wanted it to be...

Friday, December 16, 2005

The LiVinG Parasite

the definition of parasite taken from
par·a·site (păr'ə-sīt')
1. Biology. An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
2. a) One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
b) One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

she is in about her late 30s.. her hair resembled the afro hair style and she has got a dark complexion..

i was told that parasite is a divorcee.. and she has 2 kids with her..

parasite is very friendly.. her social skills is amazing and she could get along with anyone at any age and lvls.. when i first met her.. my first impression towards her was marvellous.. i thought she's just such a nice lady and is so damn friendly.. however these thoughts doesn't last long until i found out the naked truth about her...

the parasite is actually all the while out hunting for victims.. craving and hungry for blood.. and is just waiting for the right time to act as a blood sucking leech...

the methods:
1. she would first try to b close to her victim..
2. when the time is right.. she would ask for some money saying dat it's for emergency..
3. victim lends money (usually about RM 50 - 200)
4. the parasite will enjoy her wealth and forgets about the loan
5. victim gets hard time to get the money back

i haven't been a victim yet and i do not wish to be one..

everytime i see her.. i just couldn't get rid of those thoughts dat she's actually a living Parasite that is out to hunt for free $$$...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i'm baaackkk

finally, i'm back to the reality.. the 8.30-5.30 job on weekdays and having my life goin on in KL.. i'm no longer living in a dream where i could just wake up at anytime as i desired and shop till i drop.. huhu..

travelling in bangkok is just an incredible experience.. i've got the chance to see the life of thais and even leng luis :P .. but the most dissapointing part was when i saw lots of "pretty girls" :( they're actually a guas.. dey're so damn pretty and dey dun even look and sound like they're one... shame on me :( i dun even noe how to beautify myself as how those ppl can make a drastic difference to their physical appearence..

most of the thai girls are kinda friendly.. dey're soft spoken and polite.. except for the immigration staffs dat are kinda rude when i first arrived.. it was such a turn off that i wished i didn't make the decision to visit the country.. somehow.. the people in bangkok changes my perception...

anyway i enjoyed myself very much for the 4 days break that i've got... i travelled alot.. and i walked so muc that my leg aches :/

thanx all for the birthday wishes anyway.. hehe.. i do miss ya all..

Friday, December 09, 2005

The new enhanced Google search

Google has came out with a new search engine, Google Suggest that will offer suggestions.. When you start to type in the search box, a list of suggestions will be returned..

The search engine is still in beta version..


all about me..

i seldom dream.. and most of the time if i did dream bout someone.. that someone might be a very special person in my life... i dreamt bout my dog yesterday... i guess i miss him too muc :P.. it was a very farnee dream.. i dreamt that i lost him and i searched high n low to get him back.. and the dream just ended there...

i'm a very lau sau person..i comb my hair just once a day after shower.. i hardly comb more than once.. i've had this habit since childhood.. it doesn't really matter to me anyway as i seldom go out.. xcept for today.. i found out that my hair was somewad in a mess in the office..

for entertainment.. i like watching chinese series.. some lame dramas on television that will normally be on air from 6 p.m... and if i dun watch them.. that means i'm hooked on a game.. MMORPG can do wonders to me :P... i can skip lunch, dinner or sleep just because of a game..

and lastly i don't really know how to make up... i nver make up for work or any occasions... i find it quite wierd with make up on my face in the public.. i'll hv to learn how to do it someday..

i live a very simple life.. i prefer to be in my hometown: the so called laid back place, that is very different from kl.. it is quite peaceful and the cost of living is kinda low.. that shows that it'll b hard for me to love the city and be a city girl..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gadis Lokap bernama mervkwok

The Black one

there are two dogs in my house.. one is the watch dog and the other one is a play dog that is already popular in my blog - the notti boi

so the one featured here is called pipi.. he's muc bigger in size than notti boi but is not less playful than him... i dun hv lots of his photos cuz it's really hard to take one.. as he will always be jumping around whenever he sees me..

probably too xcited i think...

i dun noe how my sis managed to take his photos.. anyway here they are..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some Things that u can't find in Singapore

i've been to singapore for a few times.. went shopping and found out that it's extremely hard to find this..

ya thai and kampung koh chili sauce...

besides that.. it's also hard to get Ramly products.. I like Ramly burger and it's nuggets.. the nuggets are made of real chicken meat unlike those unpopular ones with thin slice of whitish filling dat tastes like fish cake..

ramly nuggets is more expensive but it's the quality dat counts.. :)

Junk in My RooM

i bought a tub of Lay's StaX BBQ flavor few days ago.. it tastes kinda nice and i finished it within 2 days :P

some other junk dat i hv in my room.. assam n sweets xD

Their Law : The Singles

I've been listening to The Prodigy..

I find songs in this album nice.. especially spitfire.. it's kinda suitable for those who're into songs with lots of sounds of instruments involved and hip hop type of music..

i bet the chance of getting sleepy when u r listenening to the songs is extremly low..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When one lost it's worth..

i've been working with my ex-company under the internship program with an organization.. that means.. the organization pay monthly allowances to me instead of the company paying me the monthly salary for half a year.. upon completion of the programme i'll be paid a sum of money as a bonus...

the cunning boss.. instead of paying me monthly salary.. issued me just pay slips every month (in fact they're not the party whose paying me) and i've to sign them in order to continue staying there.. they promised me employment when my internship contract ends... words r really nice to hear until i found out that.. the month after my internship ends, i'm gonna suffer with just getting 40% of the full amount of salary...

reason :
some lame calculation and lame excuse...

boss : oh.. your salary on the mth after your internship will be (FULL AMT - your BONUS)
me : y should there be such a system or calculation imposed?
boss : hmm u c.. many of ur collegues here dun even hv bonuses received.. so if i were to give u... the rest will b asking me for their share..

this is so lame rite?

the working world is just sooooooo cruel..

Never been sooooooo tired..

i spent my last saturday the whole day playing with the pc.. i've finally downloaded silkroad online game.. and i started playing it since 7 am till 2 am.. :P

so sorry for those who hv been online and pm me on msn without response.. i had my attention on the game so muc that it didn't bother me to check if i've got pms or not frm the chat application..

silkroad online is a very nice game... it doesn't lag and it has got a superb login system.. there are numerous quests to do and each quests contributed experience points and sometimes some items...

the graphics is kinda nice too.. but the game play is abit troublesome as it's kinda difficult to find the npcs (computer characters) required for the quests given..

i guess if i hadn't been working i'll b playing day and nite lvling my character like wad i did... i really like the game..

as a result of the whole day gaming.. i dozed off quickly in the bus when i was on my way back to KL frm my hometown..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Landlady NightMaRe

i always have the perception that living with a landlady would be a disaster... my nitemares happened last year when i moved in somewhere in paramount garden with a landlady.. since there were just a few options availabe..

in many ways.. the stingy landlady would..

1. restrict me from using too muc electricity.. and for that.. i've to switch off every single electrical appliances even when i'm out from my room for just a few minutes.. they're so super stingy that they use only ONE light bulb for both their toilet and bathroom; and they even off all the lights in the house when they were not at the living room.. so the house is always dark even when there r ppl inside...

2. restrict me from using too muc water.. this include water reuse like using laundry water to flush the toilet... beat that.. even excess water from floor mopping is being used...

3. no boiled water... as the landlady would say.. it's safe to drink tap water.. hah! she herself nver drink water from the tap...

4. the violation of privacy.. landlady would go into my room and check my room when i was not around (i won't b around in the house as i'll b working from 9-6 every weekdays) how do i noe that? she could name the things i hv in my room..

5. raise the rent and deposit all of a sudden.. saying that i use too much electricity.. and yet she has got the guts to say.. (water n electricity included in the rent payment) as the tenancy agreement..

the nitemares didn't end there.. when i've finally decided to move out.. the blar** as**hole landlady scammed my deposit and got someone new to rent the room.. i was bullied and shooed by her retarded husband who is bald and always wear just a pair of boxers around the house...

i could still remember how angry i was.. and i just kept everything in silent.. until one fine day that i've got my sweet revenge...

i'm just so evil.. i wouldn't get into details of wad i did.. but the damage does cost more than my deposit and it made me feel so muc better...

but still i won't forgive the 2 old dumb couple..

Friday, December 02, 2005

Awful Gang Fight in a Bus

not even a day after my previous post on the rising high crime rates in malaysia.. i witnessed a gang fight in a bus which i took to get home...

dush* *bok *bamm.. blood came out frm the victim's nose and etc.. like those fighting scenes that you've always came across from hindi movies... and in split seconds i saw all the passengers who were standing behind the bus nearby to the fighting scene moved away...

hehe.. actually it is not that serious.. but there was really a fight btween a bunch of guys and a guy... they doesn't seem to be malaysians... it was rumoured that 3 guys were asking for ransom from a guy who was sitting just right in front of them.. the victim refused to give wadever he has got and ended up being punched a few times...

the fight ended when the bus driver stopped and asked them to get down if they wanna continue with it..

the three big bullies then got off from the bus and gave the victim a stern warning.. something like "jaga kamu!" or u watch out!...

after the incident.. i guess the bus isn't really a save place after all.. gotta be very careful wherever i am out.. especially KL..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

WoW NAKED ear squats LeGal

NST - AS the controversy over the “squat in the nude” incident rages on, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar today came out in strong defence of the police, saying their action was in accordance with the rules and regulations.

this is so amusing.. i don't understand why such a rule is made legal for the police lock-up.. is there a need for a lady to strip for the purpose of checking for dangerous weapons?

if there is.. why should there be someone videotaping the girl? is it serving as some prove that they did their job? why do we sometimes hear about policemen being peeping tom for that particular action? some free nude show? haha since porn is banned in malaysia..

or is it just soooo right to humiliate the captive..

if it's legal.. why should there be so much of a media attention?

i'm a malaysian.. and being a lady.. this kind of news doesn't sound nice.. i feel insecure whenever i go out because of the high rising crime rates.. and the fact that the policemen r just reliable to a certain extend..

ya and i agree with merv - "And this country is already so damn safe"... that singapore is definitely much safer.. because of me having a very secure feeling whenever i was there..

the news proves one thing.. malaysia boleh!

Welcome to the new template

xD finally a new template for my blog.. it took me quite some time to publish..

new header pic.. bigger body message and larger size...