Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Raya Open House

I was invited to a raya open house last friday from 2-6 pm... there were about 80-100 persons and lots of food were offered..

Some of the delicacies offered at the open house event..

1st row: ketupat, roti jala, chicken rendang
2nd row: fish fingers, crab sticks, satay
3rd row: fruit tarts, nasi impit, cookies n cakes..

i find satay the most splendid among all..

hehe i dun really have to work on dat day.. it was somehow a relaxing event where evrybody has got the chance to get to know each other better...

[Irritating] Tard in the Bus II

As usual.. i took a bus to work everyday.. today there was a new incident with another tard guy in the bus..

i don't know wad the freak is the problem with this tard as why can't he stand properly... y should he be standing in such a way (as depicted in the picture) and kept irritating me with his stupid position.. his arse was dominating about 35% of the seat..

at that moment.. i was so pissed off and i just feel like poking his butt with sharp needles.. yah.. i'm evil.. poke* poke* poke*.. let him screammmm in pain.. * my imagination.. i wish..

grrr.. i hate irritating tards...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counter to the Men Post

A counter to Men Rulez by n305er

the rules from the male side is rediculous.. here's wad i've came out with..

1. breasts are made for breastfeeding and not for males to look or ogle at.. i'm not trying to change that.. but god created it for that reason.. furthermore.. respect pls?

2. u're a big boi too.. or most male with their high ego will say that they're a MAN.. so u should learn how to work the toilet seat..

3. saturday = outing.. unless that u wanna be a male spinster..

4. shopping is definitely a kind of exercise.. u walk.. u burn calories.. pls consult the profesionals and hear wad they say..

5. crying is an emotional act.. not a blackmail.. don't tell me males don't cry..

6. asking is a way.. but hints is a better way for females to xpress their requests to their loved ones.. they want their loved ones to understand them.. and not being asked like a robot evrytime they need something..

7. some questions do need elaborations like.. eg. how do u operate the pc? u don't possibly answer that with just 'yes' or 'no'..

8. might as well all females turn into a les and seeing no point of getting a bf..

9. i don't understand this...

10. so promises and wadever said are made to be broken? or u xpect females to b somewad without feelings? or izzit just ok that u just walk up to a person.. give a tight slap.. say soree and forget bout it after 7 days xD

11. girls just wanna look good for their bf... n there's nothin wrong with asking.. i'm sure most guys will go for looks for the first impression of getting a gf... furthermore.. y look at other girls when one already has got a gf?

12. if u don't mean it.. just don't say it..

13. how can u claim yourself as a MAN when u can't even settle things perfectly?

14. dat's y there r so much of miscommunication because of the male who r not willing to talk..

15. hmm so u mean males doesn't need directions in life?

16. so men does have got some minor inefficiency in information processing..

17. y not just do it in frnt of the public no matter where it itches?

18. if it's a hassle.. then just let the problem slide and grow bigger.. don't have to later concern and ask the gf "wad's wrong?"..

19. so does it mean that males like to provoke an arguement?

20. izzit wrong to ask for opinion? esp when a female just wanna look good for her man?

21. so where have all the intellectual conversations gone to esp during courtships?

22. so males will just stick to old fashioned clothes and will not get new ones?

23. so males will just wear the same pair of shoes over and over again?

24. u mean it's healthy to be obese?

25. r u sure men don't really mind?

I Quit

I've finally decided that i'm gonna start a new game.. after long frustrations of not being able to login.. ya i guess my tolerance to the junkie old server of knight online hosted by e-games is over...

i don't see any reason of anyone playing a MMORPG should always be pissed off or having bad mood because of the lame game server.. i've played numerous games(lagnarok, fairyland, fwo, dragonraja, guildwars n etc) and knight online has got the best reputation of having a stupid login system where one has got to be very very patient in order to get into the server.. ya 30 mins of attempts to login (if you're lucky) or if not maybe 1 hr or more? being able to get into the server is one thing.. to stay in the server is another issue.. i won't know when will i get disconnected from the game.. ya it's kinda sort of a surprise.. and when it did.. halleluyah!.. spend another long time to login..

therefore i've came into a conclusion.. that's it.. enough of all the lame reasons given by e-games of their shitty servers n system... i've finally decided to sell my character and the items that i've got..

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I guess i've been very very tired.. this morning i woke up at bout 7 am and went to the market to have nice breakfast.. wanton mee.. after the breakfast i went to hv a walk around and bought a few things back for my ABC (tomato, potato n carrot) soup...

i walked back.. prepare soup and the soup is ready at bout 11.30 .. quite sleepy.. i watched tv till bout 2 and started to sleep till 7pm.. it has been quite a long time since i last slept like that.. but i still feel sleepy.. >.< i love to sleep...

and now it's 10 pm.. and i've been in this cc since 8 pm.. i just can't seem to b able to skip my saturday routine of playing this "knight online" altho sometimes the game gets quite irritating because of the frequent disconnection and some retard freaks who're not very pleasant n well mannered...

this saturday has been a very lazy day for me...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Food Storage

Stocking up food is a no big deal for single working ppl like me... but i think.. i might be quite diff from many of u guys out there...

in any places i rent.. i will always make sure that there will never be shortage of food stuffs.. goin round the supermarkets hunting for instant noodles is not an uncommon thing.. i would buy lots of types of instant noodles... yah.. lots of it that i won't know when am i gonna finish them...

i've a very bad habit.. b4 i could even finish my stuffs i'll go shop for more...

when i was living in an apartment which has got a refrigerator and dat i can cook.. i would stock up meat stuffs.. dairy products.. cereals.. fruits.. tidbits.. grocery stuffs n etc.. ya.. it was considered heaven if u were to b one of my housemates at that time cuz sometimes i cook for them... n not maggi mee hor.. it's real meal.. rice with some vege n meat n even sometimes hong kong style cooking like marinated pork chop with garlic sauce rice...

to actually think bout it.. i love to cook.. and i will nver be out of foods in my apartment..

Friday, November 25, 2005

My Cyber Pet

The Bathroom Event

since young i've encountered numerous events dat are kinda embarrassing but luckily most of the time there were nobody around :P..

when i was a kid.. i like spending long hours in the bathroom.. i would sing, jump and play with water like goin into the water tank soaking myself for hours.. and even flood the bathroom with water for bout mebbe 3 inches high...

tired of all these same stuffs.. one day, i had this somewad brilliant idea dat would made me slide on the floor.. n being a smart kid.. i started distributing some washing detergent throughout the floor and started to slide with my legs.. it was a 'cool' action as i could enjoy myself and at the same time cleaning up the floor for my parents.. haha.. but alas.. after a few rounds of sliding happily.. i couldn't predict dat i would fall down and had my legs spread 180 degrees like wad those acrobats mainly do.. whoa.. painful~ .. most of u would think dat i'd be scared to play anymore.. but no.. i didn't stop playing with the new invented game.. instead i've been very careful the nxt time i played it..

:/ ya i was a very naughty kid back then..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

What Age Do I Act

I am 15 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


It always amazes me to see people reading lots of books and the number of books read can be more than 100... ya this is true but wierd to me.. as mebbe i'm a wierdo?

i'm absolutely not into reading... and if i were to finish reading one.. the book must be a very thin one or with big sized alphabets in every pages of it... till today i think i've finished just bout maybe less than 10 books?

there's only a book now in my mind that i'd really like to read... ya.. "the da vinci code" .. i bet alot of ppl must've known or read it.. too bad i'm always occupied with my own hobbies and activities such as the tv and pc :P ... and i dun even hv a copy of the book yet...

i can engage myself to the tv and especially my pc for long hours... non-stop playing MMORPGs is cool.. but somehow i can't c myself reading for hours.. haha..

i wonder if i'll ever be a reader someday....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I have a two year old dog, a Miniature Pinscher, named Brownie, who is one of the most important "people" in my life... Although I’m working at the moment and not home much, I think about him everyday and cannot wait for those moments when I open my door and he jumps up to greet me...

He is also a very good companion for both my parents... His notti actions like following around, trying to have a fight with a cat, running wild whenever he has got the chance and some intelligent acts will just entertain evryone... I feel that he just knows everyone loves him and he loves us too.

Sometimes he'll curl up in my dad's lap and accompany him reading newspaper or just be sleeping beside my dad when he's taking an afternoon nap... and that made me thought of how sweet he is....

Without my notti boi, I believe that my parents would be feeling more lonely without my sisters n I being around in the house.. I love my notti boi xD...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yummy FiSh Porridge

i wish i could hv it now.. i'm so hungry..

The Straightening Factor

the one thing that i like most about my hometown is that the things r relatively muc cheaper here than many of the other places like KL or ipoh...

a pack/plate of wanton mee costs only RM 2 or 1.80, a pack of nasi lemak(big pack) for just 80 cents.. fried noodles RM 2.50 a plate..

and on top of that.. there is even a hair saloon which is charging it's customers with reasonable rates.. one can get professional hair cut for only RM 18, treatment for RM 50.. special hair coloring + hair cut RM 150.. n etc etc...

n so i decided to pay a visit to the saloon.. since dat i haven't been doin anything for my hair for the last 1.5 yrs... hah.. beat that...

i did hair straightening.. believe me.. it's not fun doin it.. i've to stay there for 5.5 hrs.. it started with a hair wash.. then... dey put on some chemical thing + milk onto my hair n i've to wait for like 2 hrs to get those things soaked into my hair.. this is darn boriiiiiing... n was then proceeded with another hair wash..

after that.. some blow dry n etc... n yes.. the main activity.. straightening.. looks good n easy eh.. but to your wildest imagination it's darn painful.. imagine getting your hair pulled at evry part of the head n evry strands of it.. the lady was pulling my hair with her full strength!!.. i felt like i was in hell getting punished for my sins.. it was so painful dat i even had some tears in my eyes.. only god noes how painful it is... n dat... lasted for bout an hr ?

after that it is done... the process didn't stop there.. another batch of chemical thing .. n this time.. my hair is again soaked for about 30 mins..

continued with hair wash.. conditioner n etc for approx 20 mins n lastly.. another round of straightening.. ya.. this time is the most relaxing one.. not painful anymore... fuh.. relieved... n voila.. cannot wash hair for 3 days n a nice hair.... this is torturing sia...

cost of the hair straightening RM 200.. cost of breakfast : RM 1.10.. Having some painful xperience during the process : PRICELESS

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm the receptionist

it has been 3 mths working for my current company.. i like my boss.. luv my job and my collegues...

being a programmer is not easy.. i have to be very detail towards errors in anything and be proactive in any situation.. sometimes i've to even crack up my head for solutions for errors or new ideas...

besides all of the mentioned tasks... i've to even play my role as a receptionist.. :) just for my office... cool.. n the greeting will always be the same..

*phone rings..
me : morning / good afternoon ________ (company name), may i help u?
person over the fon : can i speak to so n so?
me : pls hold on..

perhaps my position shud b called receprogrammer or receptionist cum programmer or multipurpose programmer

The Idiot Box n I

An idiot box is a television set. It's amazing the way that it can just become a part of one's lifestyle...

i'm glued to the idiot box evryday from mondays to fridays.. every single day after work.. i'll reach home at about 6... take a shower and that's it.. my activity begins..

6-7 a chinese series on tv3
7-8 another chinese series on 8tv

8-8.30 break !! hoho.. it's normally the time for me to get my dinner or else i'll just continue with news on any tv channels..

8.30-9.30 korean series on 8tv - subtitles help alot :P
9.30-10.30 another korean series on ntv7

It quite easy to abstain oneself from something when it is not available.. but ever since i've got it again.. i can't resist the temptations to watch those shows non-stop..

i'm addicted :/

Friday, November 18, 2005

dieing to be that someone

Being me.. is just so difficult.. perhaps things wouldn't turn this way if i was less ambitious n would settle happily with wad i've got now...

i've got loving parents, sisters n my cute boi... nothin means more to me xcept for them.. i'd sacrifice esp for my parents..

i have even got things dat i've ever dreamt off.. like some fancy electronic gadgets n etc...

the prob is.. i'm not contented.. i'm not happy.. i feel that i'm that 'someone' trying to make a difference to my life.. i'm just so stucked at this journey.. i don't noe when can i really be the person n achieve my ambition asap...

time is running so fast.. i'm exhausted and running out of ideas..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The biology thing

i was invited to attend a talk in a local uni today.. the whole thing was about biology.. molecules, cels, protein stuffs n etc which i can hardly find my way to understand them..

the first was about applications used to assist in biology research.. so n so.. i understand 50% out of the speech..

the 2nd was about applications too.. but the heck.. i dun understand a single thing at all.. the speaker even pronounced bioinformatics as "bioinfomatik".. n it was very clear that she did not finish her sentences most of the time.. with half way cut n she started with a new sentence frm there... hmm.. i wonder if all professors does really talk like that.. or izzit that she seldom speak or make any verbal presentation b4 this..

my head was soo heavy at that time.. i forced my eyes to open and my head was goin up, down n sideways trying so hard to b awake...

the 3rd one consists of somewad hardcore detailed description on some protein thing n how a cel can eat up another cel.. combination of strings of proteins n stuffs.. it's kinda informative.. but too bad.. i'm just an IT geek sitting there who knows nuts about the chemistry thing happening in our body..

n so towards the end of the talk there was this question n answer session.. a lady actually stood up to ask a question.. to my shocking eyes.. i saw her with her troussers 1 side half up to her knee and another side at a full length.. gosh ! ...

my collegues was like O.O too.. one of them eventually asked..

col a : "wow she must've been a very hardcore professor yah?"
me : "mebbe"
col b : "prolly she was too focused on her research"...
col a : "she didn't even put on her socks!"
me n col b : -.-

n so.. after the whole thing.. i've to get back to the office for work.. and here i am.. freakin exhausted and sleepy bcuz of the function..

Some Messages

I've got alot of messages in my inbox.. here r some of the examples (edited abit to protect the authors)

From: sender 1
Date: Monday, November 14, 2005 4:05:00 AM
Subject: hello.....
Message: mind to b a friend ? if can reply me or add me k ? waitting for ur request .......

From: sender 2
Date: Sunday, November 13, 2005 1:44:00 AM
Subject: Hi Hi....
Message: Just being playful... And try to get to know some people from Ipoh... Have left Ipoh for far too long... Lose touch with many people... So now hope to get to know new ones...

From: sender 3
Date: Sunday, October 30, 2005 10:05:00 PM
Subject: alicia..
Message: pretty pretty little you msn ?hope to chat with you, girl...mine is

From: sender 4
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 12:45:00 AM
Subject: elo
Message: elo can i add u as friend reply me ok

From: sender 5
Date: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:53:00 PM
Subject: hello Message: hi.......nice to see u name is sender 5.....i am 26 from (Somewhere)....i am working in (Somewhere) as a (worker)....i am here to look for a date.....or maybe a friend.....i hope to meet someone up...maybe for a coffee or a u hope to meet someone up too????hope to hear from u soon........take care and have a nice day!....if can.....maybe u can drop ur phone number to me too....then i will get back to u too......bye!

From: Sender 6
Date: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 11:54:00 PM
Subject: haloo
Message: hihi..can add me in ur personal network?i'm just a normal guy who like to know more new frens...hehe=) this is my email add:sender6@hotmail.comwaiting from ur reply...p/s:have a nice day& wish u all the best

From: Sender 7
Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 3:29:00 AM
Subject: hi
Message: how old r u?

From: Sender 8
Date: Monday, February 21, 2005 2:22:00 PM
Subject: Hi~Hi~
Message: I am Sender 8, this year (XX) years old. Just wanna be friend here... can I know u?

From: Sender 9
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 6:09:00 PM
Subject: elo
Message: wanna be frens?????

From: Sender 10
Date: Friday, January 21, 2005 7:34:00 AM
Subject: HI
Message: hello... how are you?hope the moment u recive my email u will be in good mood and great day... ! (so i can get the chance :p )
i was passing thour ur profil and i was wandaring if we can be friends...
hope to hear from you soon .. until then do take care...
Best regards
P.S. you may also add me to ur list or add me to ur MSN list my email is

From: sender11
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 12:12:00 AM
Subject: hi sender11
Message: I know u look nice, is not because of tht i want to > know more about you. Is because god arrange > our relationships to be my friend. Hope we can > keep in touch all the time. Feel free please do > email me ( Well nice to > me meet u my dear..................

From: Sender12
Date: Thursday, November 18, 2004 2:29:00 AM
Subject: hi
Message: hi add me to ur list kthx

From: Sender 13
Date: Saturday, November 13, 2004 1:07:00 AM
Subject: hi
Message: hi

From: Sender 14
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 12:36:00 AM
Subject: hihi
Message: nice da meet ya, =>

From: Sender 15
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 1:19:00 AM
Subject: yes
Message: hai, "liang lui" Alicia is it? i'm Sender 15. Fromipoh too. Yes, i'm wish to be a fren with is my email address.welcome u anytime to add me. i waiting for uloh..Ops......u also can Sms to me, my handphonenum is 012XXXXXXX.

From: Sender 16
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 2:38:00 AM
Subject: hi
Message: hi alicia....sender 16 is r u....i hope u fine....what's ur e-mail address?cause i try 2 add u lo...^_^

hmm who shud i add to my list?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

so blurr

i'm so blur.. i can just sometimes stare at a thing n hv my mind blank..

sometimes i can even be thinking of things dat i dun even noe of wad i'm thinking about..

i wish dat i can just go home now n sleep ...

I want to spend time with 'You'

frm the title.. wad does a guy mean when he says dat? basically frm some feedbacks.. the sentence above might carry the meaning that...

1. he would play with the pc for the whole day..
bf : "ah.. just a while onli ma.. pls la.. i must kill that guy.. i wanna be the top scorer.."
gf : ooh... this is wad u call "i want to spend time with You lar?"

in this scenario.. the word 'a while' in a guy's dictionary can be defined as the game might last for as short as an hour or as long as until wee hrs in the morning?

result : the poor gf will hv to just sit aside and look and in the end dozed off b'cuz of the sheer boringness of watching the bf playing non-stop.. and so.. the "you" in the sentence might be the PC or DOTA?

2. when a couple is watching a movie.. after a while, there was a very wierd noise coming frm someone bside her.. *snore *snore... at this moment.. the 'you' is again refering to some other thing.. sleep?

bf : *snore *snore ... pigging..
gf : "you pig!.. wake up.."
bf : (being blur) aa i was just closing my eyes for a while oni
gf : ya right.. u freakin snored!!!
bf : really arh?
gf : @)(#*%%()&^#&@ (bf blasted by gf)

it's just so wierd that a guy can just spend so muc time on a game and can't even stand watching a movie... y eh?

Just Like Heaven - my review

i've watched this movie yesterday.. it's kinda not bad but abit ghey on certain parts like how she was alive again and the way she finally remember her hero ...

haha i shudn't reveal muc.. it's a nice movie but.. i'd rather watch at home for it :P

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Natalie Imbruglia - Counting down the days

i've been listening to this album.. n the songs r kinda great..

Friday, November 11, 2005

ah soh pt2

i could still remember the nice and tasty chee cheong fun in taman cempaka, ipoh.. the special thing for the delicacy is it's gravy... the gravy is different frm any other chee cheong fun that is sold elsewhere as it's milky brown in colour and is cooked with some squids n other special ingredients...

it's sold by an apek and he had this motorbike under a tree... with a stell box attached to the side of it as a stall... customers r served via first come first serve basis..

particularly.. one needs to be very early (or better.. be much earlier than the ah sohs) to buy the chee cheong fun or else.. hours of patience is required to buy a pack of it..

consider this situation (via my experience)

ah soh: ah pek.. gimme 5 packs of chee cheong fun
ah pek: ok.. 5 packs arh...(taking out chee cheong funs n starting to chop them finely and place them to packets)
ah soh: oh.. err i wan 2 packs "kah fun" (she wants to hv xtra chee cheong fun to the 2 packs out of the 5)
ah pek : ok.. so wad gravy do u wan? sweet gravy? mixed or just the brown gravy..
ah soh : 1) oh.. 1st pack i wan less oil..
2) erh.. i wan sweet gravy for 2 packs and 3 packs with mixed gravy
3) oh.. wait wait.. i dowan chili for the last pack
4) ahh.. no.. i dowan sesame for the 4th pack..
5) eh eh.. oh... i almost forgot.. i need another pack plain wan without gravy..
6) eh wait.. gimme some "liu"(meat chunks used to cooked the gravy) of the gravy for the 2nd pack..
7) arr no soy sauce for the 4th pack too...
8) opps.. pls pack those gravy separately..

n so.. the list goes etc n etc causing the others to wait longer.. and in the end..

ah soh : so how muc izzit?
ah pek : RM ---
ah soh : thanx hor..

based on that.. just imagine how muc time is wasted just to serve an ah soh..

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Busy Day~

my mouse finaly sayz bye bye to me.. time to get a new mini optical mouse for my lappie..

I've been very very busy today.. working non-stop in the office n hardly hv the time for lunch or rest.. -.-

surprisingly i did't feel tired or sleepy.. i tot i would.. cuz dat i slept at 1 a.m. yesterday :/ as a result of a game... The Singles 2 ... it's kinda hard to stop or quit the game once i've started playing.. as it made me kinda eager to c wad's the nxt outcome of the characters after continuous training n stuffs...

hope dat i won't b very busy again tomorrow ~.~

i need a good nite sleep n rest today...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ah soh Part 1

ah soh is a generic name used to address an older housewife or lady. Sometimes it's used as a pejorative term for a sloppily-dressed woman..

normally ah sohs will cause no harm to the society.. but.. some ah sohs can bring disaster to our lives.. the following event is an example..

yesterday i was so desperate to withdraw $$$ frm an ATM machine in a shopping centre during lunch hr.. there were only 2 persons in frnt of me in the queue and i was happily waiting for my turn until the lead of the queue, an ah soh.. utilized it...

this freakin ah soh.. inserted her card b4 the welcome screen appears.. and as a result of her somewad retarded or ghey action, she got her card stucked or "eaten" by the machine..

for a moment.. i thought that is kinda "cool" ... serve that lady rite as at that particular time i was somehow having a bad mood..

i tot the ah soh would leave.. but hell no.. she just stood there doin nothin.. taking her own sweet time at the ATM machine and said.. "my card got stucked"... she was trying to rescue her stucked up card.. "wad de hell" .. she made evrybody in the queue angry.. she even wasted evryone's time by pressing the buttons non-stop.. as if that the card will come out frm the machine with that kind of action...

in that sort of situation.. the friggin ah soh shud just go to the bank dat is located just a floor above and report her case.. but she, being so dumb.. just happily hog the machine and pisses evrybody off...

as a result of that... not only had i fail to withdraw some money, i also wasted my time waiting in the queue..

and it is all becoz of an ah soh..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dining out..

I had been enjoying myself eating out during the holidays.. :P
here r some of the foods that i had.. pics r not that clear tho..

1. radish cake

2. xiao long bao

3. taiwan mien sien

The Casanova

Kindly forward this post for the sake of all the girls out there... thanx evrybody..

Please beware of this guy. He is a predator lurking to deceive girls. Particularly looking for chubby looking girl, has own career and money, single and lonely. Please don't fall for his words or even his pityful look or his tears. He's a mixed Malay & Indian.

His particular is as below.

Name : Mohd Rizal Bin Mohd Khairi
Known as : Ajay
I/C Number : 760422-14-6125
Last Known Address : 41-07-12, Flat Sri Perak, Bandar Baru Sentul 1C, 51000 Kuala Lumpur

Subaru Challenge

The Mediacorp Radio-Subaru Challenge had started on last Saturday at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza in singapore.. It's a competition where the contestants’ endurance are put to the test.. Contestants have to place one hand on the car regardless of the weather, rain or shine to outlast one another... Winners(in a team of 2) will get to walk away with the grand prize, 2 Subarus..

some contestants might hv thought that it'll b easier to motivate and help each other thru the competition, but no.. members of the same team are positioned across each other.. this is quite difficult eh?? u can't c ur partner..

furthermore.. contestants will have to stand hours on their feet, battling exhaustion, hunger and thirst.. only a 5-minute break will be given at every six hours..

for me.. the competition is quite tough.. imagine standing at the same spot for a few days without proper posture and rest.. and if one is unlucky.. he/she might hv a bad spot to stand where the standing position might cause awful pain to the waist, body or the wrist...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sheperd's Pie

This is the post on my very own version of Sheperd's Pie.. :P it's made with chicken as i dun consume beef..

1. Preparing the gravy..

2. The meaty gravy

3. Preparing the pie

4. The pie is ready to be baked!

5. Finally.. the product

Yummy Curry

hehe it is a nice day today.. so i proceeded with my plan of cooking my very own special delicious chicken curry with thick gravy... n here's the product..

the ghey idea of having tao foo pok drained in the curry gravy...

my Doggie xD

the look when he's waiting for food :P

the cute boi!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Programmer....

i've just got to noe that the application which i've coded long ago has been widely used by malaysians...

the feeling of satisfaction is kinda undescribable.. being a programmer.. i hv yet to experience that till yesterday when i saw an ad for the application on a billboard in the heart of the city near puduraya...

the application is a SMS information retrieval system.. n it's a small and simple system where consumers can send in queries on prices of controlled items via sms and get information delivered to their mobiles almost instantly.. this will depend on the SMS traffic and the SMS servers' stability...

it can be considered as a small achievement for me frm my first job.. anyhow, i won't be there to monitor and c the number of ppl using the service as i've left my x company for better prospects...

kinda curious on how many will actually use the application..