Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Random Pictures from Ipoh

Sam Poh Tong

A building in Ipoh

A Lakeside View


Tom said...

3 questions:
1. can you enter that fancy structure building in the first pic?
2. is that building in the sec pic someones house? looks to me like it belongs to the malaysian government :)
3. can you swim in the lake?

the pix look alright tho

the first one is my favorite.

izso said...

Tom, the first one is a chinese temple - so yeah, you can enter the building.

Alicia - for the 2nd pic,how'd you get the wide angle? You changed your camera already?

Alicia said...

tom : 1. like izso's reply, it's a temple :D
2. ya it's a town hall or something that belongs to the government
3. hehe i don't think so

izso: haha same camera la