Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some pictures from a dam in Selangor

Taman Empangan Batu Gombak

I don't know if this is some typical view of dams in Malaysia or better known as "empangan" in malay word.

The view is beautiful and yah.. it's clean and unpolluted at the moment.. :P


ollie said...

Both r beautiful shots

Alicia said...

thanks ollie..

Adrian.... said...

this looks like a wonderful place to unwind..may i have some directions to this place?

Paul Tan said...

this should be batu dam. look for the ulu yam turn off from jalan ipoh, you should then be on jalan kampung sungai tua, just follow the signboards to ulu yam, u will start going up a mountain road, then u will pass by batu dam.