Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hong Kong Specialty - Very Yummy Looking

The Big Bowl of Goodies

fried meehoon at the side

This is something that i'd really like to have if i were to visit Hong Kong.. I don't know what is it called.. but i bet it's delicious!!!

please click on the pictures for a larger view


Jellyfish said...

it's called The Yummy Food lor

Jee said...

It's 'pun choi' in cantonese. Some restaurant in Kl/PJ served it too.

tom said...

omg.. thats the most awesome pic of food i've ever seen plus i've always wanted to visit HK.. :/

Chen said...

This is called "poon choi" :)

fatgirl said...

Must be the shortest diet commitment you ever had.

There goes all those calories.

izso said...

Fatgirl : HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Poon choi.. yes yes.. I know where to eat it in KL. But dang it's not cheap. Something like RM135 for the poon choi dish alone set for 4 people to eat. Yeesh

Alicia said...

jellyfish : macam tu pun boleh ~.~

jee : i didn't noe..

tom : ya.. same here

chen : hehe xD

fatgirl : sadly i had never eat poon choi b4.. :/

izso : u tried?? nice ma?

terenceloh said...

Hi, just passing by. Try the 'poon choy' at
Restoran LYJ
PT11, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg. Baru Sg.Buloh
47000 Selangor

Have to make reservations. Reasonable RM218. The 'poon choy' can easily feed 12 adults. Non-halal.


DarReNz said...

i ate poon choi before at some restaurants but it didn't looked like these ..... it was all in one big pot though .....