Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A foreigner on Malaysia

i find this article interesting :)

the article:


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't tell americans to point at any country. There was that movie: There were 3 americans, they were given a map of the world, with only broads drawn - the countries weren't marked. They were told to point at France. Needless to say, France holds Eiffel Tower is pretty popular country . Two of them pointed at Australia and one of them at Philippines, cute, ain't it? So i believe that most of them couldn't point at Malaysia. Conclusion? - self-centered.

The rocket program and putting a malay dude in space for $34mil usd is fishy, because a normal citizen can go in space for just $20mil.

I don't think that Malays are the only people who live in a gay country, there are more countries like that, you name it.

Adam said...

I have realised that many Malaysians love to put down their own country. After traveling around the World, I can see that no country in the World is perfect, including a very developed country I am in right now - the UK.

The Govt. here has been blamed for a number of projects (built on public funds) which were not really useful. The latest controversy is regarding the Olympic games preparation in London.

People can put down the Twin Towers as a waste of money but the fact is that many people know that it is the tallest Twin Towers in the World. Why do you think every country in the World including the US is trying to build the Tallest? It's all about national pride.

If you also think that racism didn't exist here or other countries including the US, UK or even Australia - think again. The newspapers are full of cases. However, I do appreciate the professionalism and the efficiency here.