Saturday, November 11, 2006

This guy is extraordinaire.. awesome..

Vitas Lucia di Lammermoor

i like his video clips and his voice is powerful..


Anonymous said...

Dejavu ?

I thought I heard something like this from the Fifth Element's movie.

Btw, the guy looks like a butch to me, esp with that ghey soprano voice.

Sure he's a 'he' ? :D

Galvin said...

I was eyeing on both the violinists more. Nice:)

Alex said...

i havent played the video coz no more quota heh. but loooks like electric violin to me. i still prefer my old classical violin :)

izso said...

What the.. you call this kinda of voice "powerful"? Gay More like it. I prefer Pavoratti in terms of power and Sarah Brightman in terms of female spookiness. Hehehe.

This guy is just gay. And like the fella said, this sounds very much like the 5th element blue coloured alien fella singing.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's the exact same song. Even 5th element took from the original Lucia di Lammermoor.

The guy is singing in a soprano / alto voice range. He's known as a countertenor.

Alicia said...

nei.. i find him kinda good ma.. can sing in high tone.. anyway the vid is cool hehe