Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My 10 Simple Pleasures

hehe i've been tagged by chen long time ago.. was busy and often forgot bout this meme.. so here it is..

My 10 Simple Pleasures...
1. Spend quality times with ♥ family ♥...
2. See and hug my nottiboi..
3. Lazying n Sleep..
4. Waking up naturally in the morning (No disturbing sound from the alarm clock, which is my faithful nokia handphone). This is what I wish, but everyday... I need to set my handphone to wake me up in the early morning.. except on my off days and during holidays. >> similar to chen.. haha cetak rompak!
5. Curled up under the warm comforter in cold, rainy days.. cetak rompak!
6. Listening to my mp3s
7. Cook nice foods
8. Eating & Enjoying good food.. Remember? We Live to Eat, not Eat to Live >> again cetak rompak!
9. Rant
10. Play MMORPGs

Who to tag :
dono.. xD


Chen said...

Haha, I also forgotten about this liao.. :P
so many cetak rompak ah? LOL

izso said...

erm.. just 10 simple pleasures?

1. Spend quality time with family
2. Spend quality time with gf
3. Spend quality time with my car
4. Spend quality time with my computer
5. Spend quality time with food
6. Spend quality time with the mountains
7. Spend quality time with friends

uh.. uh.. I'm stuck at 7.

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

hiyak ... sumone 4get bout me :(

Alicia said...

chen : hehe similar mar..

izso : hmm sure got more wan.. u dowan to tell oni..

snowie : hehehhee

Anonymous said...

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