Monday, July 24, 2006

My Desaru Experience.. (Part 1)

i went to desaru the last weekend and the trip was kinda hectic for me.. overall it's a great xperience and i enjoyed it very much..

activities at the Desaru Pulai Resort.. hmm i never get to join them anyway..

Some attractions?

The Dessert Shop :)

Ok the room's decent.. and am sharing it with my dear fren, Yin Ping .. xD


Juls said...

alicia!!! hantu you!!!

phangan said...

the topic should be "sian girl and her sian trip", no? ekekekekekeke

Alicia said...

juls : hantu u back -.-

phangan : xD good idea eh?

izso said...

not sian.. "GAY"


Alicia said...

izso : lol xpert in using the word liao? hahaha

nypd said...

hi roomie.... can hv a look at my photo collections at my blog ;)

jMs said...

jealous ni.. boleh pergi trip ... nak pergi pun tak boleh... hmmm..

how much is the trip... any seaside shotz to share here?

which i bet will be makin me > jealous