Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Supreme Croissant Meal @Jack in the Box

Ham, cheese, bacon, and a fried egg all sandwiched between a croissant. Meal also comes with OJ and hash brown. Only thing that it needs work on is the 10 minute it takes for them to make it.

PS. Hantu you Alicia


izso said...

Where the heck is jack-in-the-box? And that's a pretty easy meal to make! Is the Croissant toasted?

Alicia said...

hantu u richhhhh arrrrrrrrd...
ya i agree with izso.. it's looks kinda easy to make :P

Richard said...

US fast food chain? Only good thing is their breakfeast their burgers suck.

You would think it would be easy but it still takes them years to make.


smashpOp said...

jack in the box?

whats that?

Anonymous said...


robin said...

goodness gracious....
that looks unusual and rather weird...
but it sure does look tempting !!!
Sluurrrp.. getting hungry already

vovo said...

The Malaysia government never fails to amaze the public with their grand ideas which cause a lot of public money to be drained off.

This harebrained idea of the Youth and Sports Ministry to build an almost half-a-billion-ringgit sport complex in London to train our sports people to be world champions is a case of priorities gone wrong. Money which should be spent in local economy is being channeled to a foreign government.

The reason given by the ministry that our athletics having access to top-notch coaches besides need to acclimatise to cold weather just doesn't hold water. Sport giants from other third world countries have never had such grand facilities but have achieved great heights in the sporting world.

No one can deny that our sporting achievements on the world stage are a pale shadow when compared to the 70s and early 80s when we were a force to contend with in the Asian region. Unlike our present sportsmen of today, those who played sport in those days were self-driven, well-disciplined, and above all played for the love of the nation and not monetary gain.

We must also accept the cold fact that most of the presidents of our sport associations are made up of old hands who are only there for the perks of office. They are good in giving excuses when the national teams fail miserably while the committee members are merely 'yes men'.

Unless the sports minister has the political will power to remove these mediocre presidents who have overstayed their welcome, the rot in our sporting field will continue its downward spiral with no end in sight.

The present government should think of better ways of using government funds to improve the well-being of the common people rather than having grand ideas of wasting public funds on producing world-class athletics, an initiative which has never resulted in much before.

This project is a waste of taxpayers money. Pak Lah, please don't gamble with the people's money. Dr Mahathir did sometimes gamble, and some projects bore fruit while many others failed.

I cannot see how a small developing country with 25 million people can embark on such extravagant project as a sports academy on foreign soil .The beneficiaries would be the elites associated with the politicians, I am sure.

Let us first focus on bringing economic development and raising the living standard of the masses instead looking for glory in the sports arena which really, is not going feed the poor in the kampungs.

Pak Lah, stop this project or end up being blamed along with Dr Mahathir for excesses. Look at other countries of our size and per capita income which were doing reasonably well in sports but surprisingly without an expensive sport academy in another country.

Learn from them. I find the 'acclimatisation' justification ludicrous. I don't know how acclimatisation in a temperate country is going to help our sports to bring glory to us. Is the gamble worth it?

While I support the establishment of a sports academy in a temperate country for temperate sports, I am puzzled about the choice of UK for the location of the proposed academy. The UK is one of the most expensive places in terms of cost of living and cost of property to carry out such an undertaking.

Surely there are more cost-competitive countries that can deliver equal, if not better, outcomes.

The Australians have a lower cost base than the UK and have got more world-class sportspersons per capita than UK. The Adelaide and Melbourne winters can be as cold, wet and windy as the UK's, or even Scotland in the case of Tasmania.

The Australians regularly churn out world records in athletics, cycling and swimming. They have world-class hockey, netball, rugby and sailing teams. Given a large Asian immigrant population, our athletes will not be deprived of Asian food and cultural contacts during their training stints there.

If you want even a colder and slightly cheaper place, New Zealand also produces more world-class athletes per capita than the UK.

So what gives? Was there a cost-benefit study done on the options available around the world? Was this ever disclosed to the public? After all, it is the taxpayers money that is going to fund this expensive project. It is an issue of public interest.

Cynics (myself included) believe our local politicians, particularly those involved in sports administration, have a darker motive:

They probably fancy the opportunity to holiday, shop and visit their children studying in the UK during the 'official' frequent trips there to support our athletes and provide expensive photo ops for the Malaysian media so they can be seen to be doing their bit for Malaysian sports.

reek said...

Economy is one thing. The standard of our education system is another. So what do we get when we add both of the factors together?

The global economy is showing signs of minor recession, if not a serious one. This kind of "invisible hand" can't be control by us. However, the quality of education is man-made and is controllable.

If they are really serious in tackling the jobless problem, they shouldn't be doing what they are doing now. They are merely "filling the holes" with silicone paste and certainly can't do this forever because the whole building will collapse one day.

Even a pig knows about this simple scenario. I guess they are even worse than a pig. Long live Umno!

The saying goes: "We will reap what we sow" and the Murphy's Law must come real: "The solution to a problem will definitely breed far potent problems to come".

Instead of taking the bull by the horn and addressed the root problem of incompetence and obsolescence of the dysfunction system, the system managers chose to patch the pot holes by using inorganic substitutions.

The main concern of Umno is that unemployed graduates pose a source of resentment that could lead to momentum for opposition and critics such as Dr Mahathir especially.

Anyone ever wonder why government invest in education really? In ancient times, education was entirely private and the realm of the privilege, and truly talented. People did not complain because agric-based societies could sustain themselves that way and did not know better.

With industrialization and now service economies, value of labour becomes very low and cannot keep the population employed. So the primary reason why government invest in education seriously is - firstly to keep young people occupied and secondly employed.

The priority to create high value labour force is really secondary in feudal societies and that is what we have a feudal society with a veneer of modernity.

So you can argue blue to your face, they will not deal with it the way you think it should because so long as there is money in the kitty and especially they don't have to be accountable to be people that pay those taxes and funds, they will keep day-dreaming and hope beyond hope and waste rather than pay the price of progress, modernity and justice.

Most of the unemployed who for one reason or other can't find jobs within 6 months to a year typically belong to the shitty pool.

These lots who probably shouldn't have qualified for university in the first place will now be part of our civil service and we can hope (and pray) that they will "improve efficiency".

samp said...

Loss billion is just another number to the Umno grassroots, and to the uneducated or to the uninformed. As long as the country is still standing, the voters will continue to be conned into voting for BN at every general election.

We can shout until we are blue in the face - in the parliament or in the alternative media - but when BN control the mainstream press and blatantly suppress such information, then there is little hope that such scandals will see the light of day.

Only when a calamity occurs to this country which brings the country to its knees could we see a real revolution. This calamity could be economic or could be political. Why do you think the RM is still a "controlled" currency with no convertibility outside of Malaysia?

All this is now history. But unfortunately only a tiny percentage of Malaysians know about this dark side of the Mahathir era. The masses have no inking that this happened and many still think of Mahathir as the greatest economic genius who saved the country from the evil West, when he is in fact an economic moron.

I think we should stop using Bolehland. Bodohland run by Bodoh people would be much more appropriate. Even if they did not have the intention to cheap, they are obviously very naïve and stupid.

A little learning is a dangerous thing. I simply find so many of them around holding important positions today. That is why scandal must repeat itself.

aston said...

Lead your Malaysia country by example! Unfortunately: when no all but one of the ministers has a university degree, this example shouldn't down spiral the level of education for the next generation.

It is true that ignorance of the masses keep who is in power. Sad way of playing democracy……….

Wow you got guts! Happy to say, people are not coming back to this wretched land, having the government turn its back upon them. The last word, I heard of Bangsa Malaysia………..All they know is to say, and then go on for the next NEP. Stupid!

Who in his sane mind to come back to a country which their lawful, taxpaying parents waste their tax on lazy people? Furthermore, the brainy-one will become the future feeder of lazy people and had his own children rights denied. Weird!

I am absolutely agree with you. Malaysia is strictly for those malay pig………..they are so stupid pig, yet the government want to aid them on their all those university places - 80% is reserved for higher education to these so called bumis (actually just the generation of the pirates originated from Indonesia).

Since the government doesn't appreciate us as talented person, then we shouldn't support this lame government anymore.

Remember! When the election comes the next time, please use your head to vote and not your emotion or your racial sentiment

A good government is one with good opposition - electing the opposition doesn't mean you against the ruling party or agree with the opposition.

There need to be balance, check and counter check. We cannot just depend on Mr Lim alone to fight!

I can relate to you in many ways. I have just found out that the best way to deal with bad things, is to turn a blind eye and ear to them. Ignore them, and they will leave you, soon enough. Allow them to spew their insults, it doesn't matter what they say anyway, it is us who are in control of our feelings and how we feel, not them.

I know you malays are pissed off too in your own way because you are too lazy and selfish to share. It is clear……….It is a hard thing to change from a lazy and selfish creature to a human. It is understandable.

If the word "democracy" has been followed properly according to the meaning, there will be no existing problems at all. Where is the freedom of speech on the Malaysia media? Why is there discrimination if people want to practice equal rights?

All of this issue leads to not democracy and racism! The word democracy is used to keep the happy image in the eye of other countries, so it won't effect the economy!

About the Polynesians person……….Yes there were everywhere. Like Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and etc. What you know? Polynesian originally from the Taiwan. Even malays are form Jawa. That makes them a native people from Polynesian island, but not natives of Malaysia.

I still believe that the people (Malaysians) are the ones who drive this country. Not corrupted politicians, racist cunts or other selfish groups. We could make changes. And changes we shall make for a brighter future. Peace out!

If you look around you, you'd see that some of our malays have distinctive Mongoloid features. Discrimination against races is disgusting, laws favoring our malays is an insult to us!

tim said...

Najib was jittery and hesitant when he commented, "I don't know" about the secrets deal. There are too many skeletons in the cabinet. Do you think all the defense contracts are clean?

Remember the one without the inclusion of spare parts? As long as the contracts are honored and no one is hurt, there would be no squealers and everything seems ok.

Only those who have dirty linen in their wardrobe will feel the heat now. I say, almost everyone in the cabinet has some form of dirty linen even the best soap can't help clean it. Malaysia to achieve Vision 2020? My foot eh! Our resources being robbed by our own people whom we have given trust to.

What Najib is showing is that he is a man of limited talent. He is dismissing things quickly because he can't handle it. There are many problems that he has to face now with the prime minister out of the country and he knows he is being tested. He is at his wits end to give a good answer to the issue.

The man is very limited not really comparable to his father. Remember he was basically a mediocre student that nearly dropped out of schools and had to transfer. His early career was basically an excuse to party and all the position he holds has never been remarkable in any way.

Crooked politicians will forever remain crooked. In Malaysia the reality is that crookedness in politicians is not only condone but they are decorated and awarded for their deeds. This happens only in Bolehland and Pak Lah is doing his utmost to preserve the status quo plus worse.

Malaysians suffer from the Sumatra smog every year for about 2 months but most are unaware of an even more sinister one pervading the whole country for 12 months a year. Right, it rears its ugly head once in a while but soon, apathy soon covers its track and the citizens goes back into its cocoon.

I say to all you Malaysians - time to wake up. Compare your poor lot to other countries and see how far you have been left behind! The BN politics are self serving and detrimental to the progress of the country as a whole.

But come voting time, everybody scare scare scare……….except for Lim Kit Siang and the lot.

Power and money are the two pillars that support corrupt politicians. When direct power is obviously gone, money has a strong motivating influence.

Having a shipload of skeletons and the lid is open, to expose a few more pieces for a few billion ringgit is worthwhile. This is especially so when decency is not in the dictionary of the greedy persons.

Malaysians have somewhat of a reputation as far as money flows overseas and crooked deals are concerned. Just "google" XXX scandal and you will be able to read some people in Malaysia have learned how to make use of banks overseas.

San said...

I tell you, every June of the year will be the happiest time for us in the Singapore government. Why not? There are plenty of free "capital" flows from Malaysia to Singapore here.

What I mean is the free human capital as in those brainy students who failed to gain entry into Malaysian universities. We in Singapore welcome all these students to study here, as long as they are good. We will provide scholarship, or some soft loan which they only pay after they have graduated.

This is really good business! We always go all out to attract these students. Why not? Let me tell you the mathematic. See, the stupid Malaysia government spent so much of money every year on their education.

I tell you, every year public spending on education tops the Malaysian fiscal budget. After 12 years of primary and secondary education, they rejected those good students but admitted some mediocre ones into their public universities.

Why? Don't ask me. I also cannot understand. Apparently some kind of social contract signed 40-50 years ago. Malaysia government is like this, always half cooked one. Everything they do will stop or being cancelled half way through. Look at the Johor bridge!

They are good in primary and secondary schools, in fact their standards are almost Singapore standards. But when it comes to tertiary education, they are trashed. No way near us Singapore. Half cooked, about hen!

We in Singapore government only give some scholarships and sometime subsidize some loan interest to attract those intelligent students. These students will study here, do research here, and later graduate and work here as well. We only want those top knowledge workers. Human resources are all we have. Where Singapore got oil like Malaysian!

We really hope the stupid Malaysia will forever keep the current policy of supplying us everything we need, free. It is lucky to have a half cooked neighbour like Malaysia.

Don't tell them this, let them keep the not-so-good ones, and we get all the good ones. If they know how to calculate this mathematic, then we Singapore will be in trouble in future. Ok?

fargoman said...

I really feel sorry for DAP and opposition, but most of all, feel sorry for us Malaysians for having such inconsiderate Umno ministers in the parliament.

If only people can see this with their own eyes and hear with their own ears; only then something may change. Shame on these so-called Umno ministers and the BN.

Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. What shame is this - what our nation has come to. I am no longer in Malaysia having left it for good last year (in Europe) but selfish as this may sound - I am glad that I did.

Our Umno ministers are not only corrupted, they are so void of feelings for human.

The Umno always accuse DAP of being anti-malays. They used the media to portray DAP as one. They have created fear among malays. Consider them dogs barking at the moon. The moon does not hide its face. It keeps on shining regardless of the barking dogs from Umno. DAP continue to shine like the moon. These Umno ministers are despicable animals.

If the DAP is really anti-malays, I wonder why so many malay citizenry approach the party for help. I believe DAP must also be enjoying himself immensely whenever he starts grilling the morons with facts and figures and then watch them fumbling here and there with, " racist!" And that is all they can respond. Remember the saying, "Empty barrels make the most noise."

Even a 3 years old child can also tell you who is the one that actually play the racial card. Your guess is as good as mine.

Umno is like a bunch of old and new boys trying to bully the nation. When a proper subject were brought up and needed to be addressed, all they do is always the opposite which don't make sense at all. Oh, by the way……….why should Umno-malays help when it don't benefit their pocket at all!

It is indeed difficult when you are living in a place like in Malaysia. To please this race would be to displease that race. I said before that there is no real racial unity but what brings all Malaysians together is the love for peace which bring about a tolerance for one another and it is seen as unity.

I do not mean to irritate anyone because I keep wondering at all the racist or racial bickering and yet at the same time the different races can come together and work together. Call it a pretense. Call it an hypocrisy. Call it a friendship. Whatever it is, it has seen Malaysia through thin and thick.

It happens the other way too. Malaysia is too very malay. You see malay in many things. From the everyday dress code to the everyday language to the mass media to the politicians to the religion and to the when foreigners come, what they have in mind is nothing but malay and Islam.

No wonder some person said that only malays can solve malays problems and other races must not interfere. And if malays cannot help malays, is it so wrong for other races to help malays? Just tell what government has been doing to those cases mentioned and if they have not done a single thing or that the ministers are too busy doing other things, just say so. Is that so difficult?

Better be honest than giving people the impression that you don't care. And if you don't care, then Malaysia will never be fine, good, well, as desired by the prime minister.

As a person or party that cares…........race should not be an issue at all. We help anyone regardless of race that needed it most. That way we retain our principle no matter where we are.

ruyom said...

If you read our Malaysia school history textbook - you will realised there are a few changes in the history. Did the malays change the history again?

How can you change the history to make our country and malays sound like so marvelous and smart but the fact is not, and insert the wrong information to our next generation? If there was a mistake made by your ancestor, admit it!

Going back to the history of Thailand and Malaysia, prior to the western colonialism era, the entire Malaysia was part of Thailand; the same way Laos was part of Thailand. Back then, the fittest survived and ruled. There were no such things as international laws.

During the western colonialism period, the British and the French came along. In order to maintain its independence, the Kingdom of Thailand was compelled to give up the currently called Malaysia part of Thailand to the British, and the currently called Laos to the French.

After that, the official boundaries that separated Thailand from Malaysia and Laos were drawn and recognized today by the United Nations.

So, the history textbook in school never really started from the root but started from whoever he is, the Parameswara who seems no one never sure how he looks like, or whatsoever migrant from Indonesia, and after that, all the malays thought this land called Malaysia and call them bumis and need the special rights for everything, and claim from everything.

Arrogant, bully, chauvinist, ego, empty brained Umno - who barely bloody hypocrite.

The land is simply not belongs to you naive malay, even we not to force, already a lot of Malaysians gone to other countries to find better living, especially the talented ones, our country not appreciate smart talented Chinese and Indians, other countries like America, Australia and England they do, that is why their country is so multi-cultured yet advanced, who is the lose one?

We are Malaysians, but then all these years are we really treated equally? We all know about that issues, just that you guys don't want to face it, try to hide it or push people out of the country, well……….no need to force all those talented people are already outside the country, let us see all those well-known Malaysians who work overseas:

The very Hollywood star, Michelle Yong in US. The very popular violinist, Andrew Au Yong in German. The very smart author, Sandra Chen in Australia. The very talented Indian chef, Sangkar in Paris.

Where are they from? Malaysia. Where are they now? Other people's countries - and many many more medical practitioners are in overseas as well. Who is left over in Malaysia? Those lose one. We no need to force, we choose to leave.

yuking said...

It is interesting that in Malaysia, it takes 10 long years for our civil service to get "disgusted" with shoddy work from their contractors.

The interesting question then is, how much have been paid to the contractor, and is the guilty party being sued for liquidated damages?

The entire KLCC (Twin Towers, tunnels, surias, recreational parks, car parks) took two and a half years, from a jungle of trees to hand over (complete with intelligent building system)!?.

Maybe our dear minister Samy Vellu cares to comment? Hey, Samy Vellu don't care about anything as long as his pocket is full, not even his fellow Indians. Pity, they still vote for him for 25 years.

What about the famous "eyesore" that has been kept camouflaged from the view of the public - the Experimental Theatre in University Malaya? Our government is really good at house keeping and pulling wool out of the peoples eyes……….!

Don't you see in Malaysia we love creating records and this project is on its way to the Book of Records!

Just like the Experimental Theatre in UM, an icon to remind us of our love for records - the longest time to repair a tiny building, spread over the rule of two or even three prime ministers - as well as our love for distribution of money into many pockets, i.e. wealth sharing and creation among some of our fellow.

Sue the contractor? Blasphemy! Obviously you don't know the beauty of doing business in Malaysia as a bumi contractor.

A bumi contractor is almost usually given a contract even though the quotation or tender is not the cheapest. Get the money, subcontract and sub, sub, sub the contract several times to try for get the project done. If not possible, say bye-bye to the project, abandon it and go for more contracts.

A bumi contractor cannot be penalised if the project is delayed in completion or abandoned, or if the product is substandard. No compensation asked either. Can still bid for more new projects even with this sort of track record. The best way to do business in the world. Profit guaranteed.

Haven't you seen the countless abandoned, long-delayed, or substandard schools, roads, flyovers, computer labs, buildings, bridges etc, all over our beloved Bolehland country?

Ha ha ha……….why don't the government sue the bumi contractor? Left hand suing the right hand? (Same person man!)

vesewe said...

I applaud some person letter, on how our Malaysia former prime minister exploited the wealth of this country to build instant bumi business tycoons and billionaires.

In his 22 years of prime minister ship, he has build on the racism in this country where people still whisper about it but are afraid to talk openly and confidently about it.

It has affected the millions of citizens who are the minority in this country. This country does not respect the minority - the Orang Asli, the Indians, the Chinese, and many others.

Let me illustrate. That is a clear example of an disadvantaged Indian family in Malaysia and there are many which are unemployed, illiterate, displaced (moved from the estates to cities without any savings), criminally inclined (40 percent of prisoners in Malaysia are Indians), alcoholics and basically eking a living on the fringes of society.

We have a society which does not want to listen, speak or even talk to them. There have been many good souls out there who have tried very hard to assist the Indians to come out of their poverty since the 70s.

As far as I know, and we have found that it is impossible for just a few groups to do that unless there is a political will for these minority groups to escape poverty.

Because of the very one-sidedness of the New Economic Policy (NEP) and a government comprising racially-based political parties, we can never achieve an equitable society. We advertise heavily that we are a multi-racial society but we all know (but are afraid to say it) that it is not.

Our own education system is not fair. It is not fair in the provision of social services. It is not fair in the promotions in the civil service. It is not fair for business licencing. This is the life story of the poor minority in my country.