Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alicia Had Freshwater Prawns at Tanjung Tualang

Starter - Roasted Peanuts

Main Specialty - Freshwater prawns cooked with oatmeal

Steam Fish with Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Stir Fry Green Vegetable with Garlic

Total cost : approximately RM 70-80 (kinda cheap & reasonable)

Jelly, his gf and me went to Tanjung Tualang too and at this place we had the famous freshwater prawns at "Sun Mee Fong" restaurant.

the prawns and fish are superb.. and not to mention that the price is kinda cheap when compared to those in KL..

Tanjung Tualang is definitely the right place for freshwater prawns..


Jee said...

Tualang prawns da best! Haven't been there for yeeaaarrrss.. T.T

izso said...

Nice meh? And depending on the size of the dish that I think may be a tad bit expensive la

phangan said...

what is a "ginna" doing in a "tualang" place?

LOL *cabuts*

Alicia said...

jee : u shud go there again xD

izso : hmm not very small serving lei.. hehe looks small from the pic oni.. jelly mia skill lar..

phangan : hater u...

viewtru said...

The "o-chien" is not bad either. So is the steamed "Pak sok kung".

Chen said...

tualang prawns sounds like tulan prawns..