Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something from Penang Kopitiam

White Coffee and Rojak

Half boiled egg and ice kacang

Special Durian Chendol

Toasted bread with margerine and sweet coconut milk jam (kaya)

Having desserts and some light snacks at penang kopitiam is nice with good surroundings and ambience..

the food is kinda ok.. and i like the durian chendol most.. price is kinda reasonable too..

This cafe is at the same row with Murni mamak stall in SS2


izso said...

That's a lot of food. Looks like your diet going down the drain or something :D

Alicia said...

hahaha oie.. i didn't eat all lar.. doh..

Chen said...

white coffee in Penang kopitiam? :P

Anonymous said...
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Juls said...

chew scare me i thought u came penang never call wanna sat sei lei