Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pizz'a Chicago and others.

Had the pizza about 3 months ago but had been too lazy to upldate and make a post about it .
Full PieSlice

Had the Great Chicago Fire which consisted of Italian sausage, diced tomato, peppers, cilantro and garlic. While it's not a true Chicago deep dish(doesn't have a top crust and cheese/sauce covring it) it's the closet thing in terms of crust depth and volume. The peppers and sausage gives the pizza a little extra kick when you eat it but nothing to make you sweat. Since it's so think after 2-3 slices you're set.

On another note Fall semester started and it's gonna be loads of fun. Enviromental cost benefit analaysis, 20th century world history, Philosphy of Science, and the best class of them all, Microeconomics analysis. Gonna have to write loads of essays this semester. FUN

Is it me or has the summer dvd releases blown? The only decent ones i've seen is Sentinel and Inside Man, and both of them weren't all that great to begin wtih. They had a strong plot/introduction but their endings left you going "wtf?". They could have easily extended the movie an extra 30 minutes and actually come up with a decent ending. I also don't get the hype over "V for Vendetta". It was not that great of a movie. One person going against the corrupt gov't? Like i've never seen that plot before? Aeonflux,Ultraviolet,Equalibrium,1948,Fahrenheit 451? I'll admit the action scenes were good but the movie was dry and half the scenes served no purpose other than being filler material.

Gonna go finish up Black Cross by Greg Iles. Pretty good book if you have a chance to read it.


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I have the same sentiment regarding 'V for Vendetta' too. What gives?

I have even read the comic before watching the movie. It didn't work for me.

splashmilk said...

Yummy pizza!

tom said...

Sentinel... LOL. come on now, this movie is shit. this movie was supposed to keep people in suspence, failed badly.

pizza looks great tho.

Anonymous said...

I see spider webs everywhere.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

No new updates from the Technological Genius of Malaysia?