Friday, June 29, 2007

Lunch At Causeway Bay, Low Yat Plaza

Fried Rice

Baked Seafood Rice with Cheese

I've been to this restaurant some time ago (approx 3 years) and sad to say that the recent visit isn't really satisfying due to the drop in the quality of food served :D

the fried rice is served with caviar.. which previously loads of caviar is given but now.. very little in amount and the fried rice doesn't taste as good as before.

the seafood rice however is kinda ok and standard

ps: i can't really remember names of the dishes..


irenelim said...

the seafood rice looks yummy, and I never tried it before.

tom said...

seafood maybe looks yummy i wonder what the taste is.. all seafoods i tried got its specific taste of fish(take sushi) which i dont like, yuck :P

Alicia said...

irenelim: hehe it's so so.. kinda standard flavour when compared to kimgary and the rest

tom: it's baked cheese rice. with some cheese flavor i'd say :D