Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Teeeee hehehehehe ?????

Tamagotchi Connection V4

Look what have I got! A new toy!!!.. lol I'm so excited and seriously it made me happy wahahhahaaaaa!!!!

I guess sometimes I could be like a kid. I'm very happy bout it and am gonna raise a tamagotchi soon...

This latest tamagotchi comes with infrared to communicate with other tamagotchis of acceptable version and it even allow one to take care of multiple generations of tamagotchi.

There are quite alot of new features when compared to the 1st version which I bought quite some time ago :)

Tamagotchi can be purchased from Jusco, Toys r' Us and also via the Internet. I got it for RM 79.90


tom said...


izso said...

wahlau.. you got too much spare cash issit? Gimme some la! XD

Alicia said...

tom : -___-"
izso : where got spare kekeke.. aiya.. it's one of those toys that i wanna own la.. :P