Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wow Delicious and Tempting Chocolate Candies

The outer box of See's Candies

When it's Opened

The Contents

I love chocolates, simply love them. See's candies, especially those with almonds are some of my favourites. I have just tried them yesterday. The almonds are superb and crunchy with chocolate coating covering them.

Each of the candies came with different shapes and flavours. Some has got strawberry flavour, some with nuts, coconut, caramel, and many more in which it gave me hard time to decide on which to pop into my mouth :P

Heehehe this will surely make me fat! but... I Likeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

More goodies from sees is available at


1+2mom said...

Chocolate not only my favorite, so do my kids. The cheap one they dun even want to eat, they know how to difference the nice and yummy one. It mean mummy and daddy need to buy quality chocolate for them if not they no need eat chocolate..haha.

izso said...

Yummm.. how much was that

Alicia said...

1+2 mom : XD i think it's kinda typical la.. i like nice chocos too but sometimes gotta settle for less :P

izso : errr don't know.. it was a gift from my relatives :P

Richard said...

Godiva > See's

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Have you tried Royce from Japan?

What do you think of Godiva's or Leonidas?

Alicia said...

richard : never tried that
csc : hehe nope never tried those :P