Thursday, September 06, 2007

Inconsiderate and Nonsensical

I couldn't deny that landlords or landladies had always been the bunch labelled as stern, stingy and inconsiderate folks. I was one of them witnessing these people giving little facilities to their tenants to the extend of.. there was almost 0 hospitality..

I have been a landlady for basically almost a year now.. I myself had been renting rooms from other people for a couple of years before I own my house and I know how hard it is to struggle living outside with strangers and in non-favourable places and conditions with bullish landlords or landladies.

I understand the needs for facilities for laundry, cooking, clealiness and above all a warm and friendly environment to live in.. Therefor i provided them all to my tenants.. with the expectation of mutual respect, them taking care of the room and keeping care of the stuffs they used.

I have to say that my sister and I had been one of the best landladies for great hospitality and facilities and charging people at reasonable rates.. but what we got in return.. outcry the things we gave..

I can seriously understand the stern and bithcy landlords or landladies today of not being kind enough to tenants.. Things that tenants normally do when you provide facilities to them:

1. Never take good care of the house : corridor grill left open when nobody is at the house
2. Electrical items such as TV and pendaflour light are not switch off when not used.
3. Usage of iron scraper to clean up a BRANDED NON-STICK pan (i wonder if the fella is out of his logics?)
4. Dirtying up oven without cleaning. My oven used to look squeaky clean but it turned black and dark cuz of my housemate.. Thanks to him that I ended up spending some time cleaning and scraping the oven..
5. Washing of clothes full of sand in washing machine (what if spoilt? they never give a damn on your stuff)
6. Sticking up posters with STRONG double sided tape to the walls and cupboard and resulting in the scraped off paint once they moved out and not to mention the double sided tape wouldn't go off easily from the cupboard.

Basically, I'd say.. I'm tired to be nice.. Normally ppl would take things for granted off the hospitality and facilities they get... It's not worth it to rent out rooms if you could afford paying.. but if you don't have a choice, don't ever think of good hospitality or giving out facilities.. We sometimes have to be not a nice person afterall..


Ivan said...

Like the merdeka pictures, can't believe u went to stand there under the hot sun. haha.

Last tenants for an apartment my mom had, left a hole in the wall.. I'm not sure how that happened but it did. Hahaha.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Hey, I understand what you mean. I feel for you. I have been doing the duties of a landlord for the past three years. Dealing with tenants has become a speciality of mine. I had a shouting match with one two days ago. A big boss of a company.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I understand about being nice. I am usually very nice to them until they take advantage of things. Then...

I hate nasty confrontations and unpleasant people. I had partially written a blog post (half a sentence) about this two days ago but I decided against it and deleted it.

Alicia said...

ivan : i went to the merdeka thingy with a bunch of photography forum friends.. so it was kinda ok :P ..

i've never been there before and i guess it was a great xperience capturing the moments...

and as for the house.. o.O i wonder what did dey do to the wall? this is worse than my case

Alicia said...

csc : haha i understand how u feel.. it's just sometimes plain pain when u see ppl just couldn't be bothered of things and hospitality that has been offered..

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

dat's y i chose to stay alone on my own :)

my own mess, my own place

cheer up baby ..

Will said...

wah they scrape your tefal with those metal thingy ah?

Alicia said...

snowie : haha hope my sis and i can do the same soon..

will : yalar.. sort of tefal.. it's another brand tho.. can't remember the name.. kek si lang