Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sembang Tech Ed 2007 at Bangkok Jazz

The Screen

I went to the Sembang Tech Ed 2007 on last Sunday, September 9, 2007 at Chulan Square. Well I actually sorta can't get a place as I didn't register for Nuffnang but thanks to my friend that I could attend that special event under his reservation of a place for me. Not to mention thanks Jeff for the information on registering for the event.

View of a Cool Guy

Guess who's this cool dude? He's Oliver Scheer, a Developer Evangelist from Microsoft Germany. He had been demonstrating and talking on Microsoft Silverlight to all the participants and how Silverlight can serve bloggers and users. It's sorta an eye opener to me as I had never came across such cool application that can be easily used by end users as in, end users can actually develop applications via silverlight with little or no programming knowledge at all! Besides Silverlight, he even explained on creating media player using Microsoft Expression.


So who's this in the picture? He's Nic. Haha from the picture title itself. Another cool guy from Microsoft. He's not a developer but he could do lots of wonderful stuffs with Microsoft applications. Basically he assisted much on end-users questions to let audience know more of what they can do with Microsoft. I can't deny that he has got good presentation skill tho.

Nic talking on the stage

He had been delivering messages well in the event and not to mention.. yah BRIBING :) too. whoops!" Anyway, he's a great guy to coordinate the event and manage it smoothly.

Sinfully Yours from Bangkok Jazz

Later then, Rohan, a Developer Evangelist from Microsoft Malaysia joined and gave demonstration on Popfly. Popfly is an application that could assist in creating webpages and it supports drag and drop mashup creation. This is another great application for end-users! Just click, drag and drop! He further explained that Popfly is still in alpha and it's currently free (if I didn't get it wrongly).

Chewy Chong, a Developer Evangelist from Microsoft Singapore is the 2nd last speaker in the event. He explained on the Microsoft Home Server. He told us on the advantages on using Microsoft Home Server to backup and protect data within a small LAN like bout 2-6 machines. The applicatin basically cover issues like redundancy, data and files management and recovery.

The final presentation was by Zeddy Iskandar. He's an Academic Developer Evangelist from Microsoft Indonesia. His presentation is kinda impressive on the Microsoft Robotics Studio. I simply love the exposure on application and coding for robots as I know nothin on it other than Web Applications in Java that I've been working on over the years. It's again Microsoft providing some drag and drop application for end-users to play and explore! How cool?

Group photo of 3

From the left is Chewy, middle-Nic and the last, Oliver. I didn't post up picture of Zeddy and Rohan as they're blurred shots! :P Anyway thanks to all the cool people from Microsoft for making the event happen. I didn't manage to say thank you that day as I was on a rush to go back home.


Jasraj Sandhu said...

Yeah Silverlight is Microsoft's new baby. But it's hardly groundbreaking stuff.

I'll let you in on a secret! There's already a well established platform doing exactly what Silverlight attempts to do - it's called Flash! Silverlight is an attempt from Microsoft to get a foothold in the Flash market segment. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Microsoft making the attempt and all that, the more the merrier I say. However Microsoft has a tendency to lock people in their playpen once they got a hold of you.

Flash is there right now and it's a open playground.

As for Popfly, it's certainly looks good and all that, takes up the broadband though, but once again it ain't new!

Yup Yahoo pipes was there first. But to give credit where credit is due, Popfly is certainly nice to look at and slightly easier to use.

Btw, wish I was there at Sembang.

Dustyhawk said...

Although Silverlight is an attempt to Microsoft to get a foothold in the Flash market, i believe that what they are trying to do is complement Adobe Flash.

Besides, Silverlight is one of the only few Microsoft products which Microsoft is actually working with Linux developers to make sure that their Silverlight feature of "standardize viewing on all browser" is achieved.

I have not tried the Linux Silverlight which is called Moonlight yet, but will do so soon.

What i can say is this, probably a few years down the road, there will be a revamp on how the internet is going to be viewed, how multimedia designers are going to create webpages and also, with the cards played right; Silverlight maybe the new Flash.

-Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror -

ollie said...

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