Friday, January 12, 2007

Cooking plans up to date!

1. tofu with thick and spicy souce - done
2. rice with chicken chop in garlic sauce served with green vege and a sunny side up
3. grilled chicken marinated with spices.. i can already imagine the tender and juicy meat..
4. steam chicken with dong gwai (i had never made this before.. but i bet it's easy) - done
5. try making bread again.. experiment
6. lotus soup with groundnuts - done
7. fish with mild tomato sauce - done
8. crispy chicken with thick sauce (with capsicum, large onions, garlic, dried chilis)
9. crispy fried chicken marinated with 5 spice powder
10. chicken in creamy black peppercorn sauce - done

hehe i did these too:
11. cheese baked rice
12. spiced indian rice with chicken curry
13. taw eww bak with egg


phangan said...

bila mau makan makan lagi? :P

cossie said...

it's about time you became my personal chef.

izso said...

what cheese you use for the rice btw?