Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yong Tao Foo from Paramount Garden

I had this bout a week ago at Paramount Garden which the restaurant is located just next to the dim sum restaurant(Restoran Key Way) and Hong Leong Bank near to the Giant Hypermart

One thing which I love most is the curry chee cheong fun and porridge. The chee cheong fun tastes good and the porridge is rich with yummy ingredients like oyster, peanuts and meat.

Yong tofu costs 70 cents each and is served with clear soup.


narrowband said...

The restaurant owner must be really happy to see his shop being featured online :p

cossie said...

i used to eat there quite often as it is quite near my house in pj.

it is acceptable.

Alicia said...

narrowband: hehe dey duno ma
cossie: sure boh? u bila balik wan? never join tt?

cossie said...

chinese new year coming back.