Monday, February 26, 2007

Alicia cooked fragant indian rice with rendang chicken

The meal

Chicken Rendang

Fried Egg with Seaweed

Bean Sprout with Dried Prawns

Fragrant Indian Rice with Spices

Yesterday for the first time I attempted to cook rendang chicken on my own. Rendang chicken has been a specialty to my mum's cooking and I had always loved it since I was at a very young age.

My version of rendang chicken is a little bit different though. I added some bird's eye chili, so it's a little spicy. On top of that I used evaporated milk instead of coconut milk.

Fried egg was prepared by my sister. She cooked it with seaweed. I find it different and tasty :)

Bean sprout was cooked with boiling the sprouts in hot water and later mixed with fried chopped garlic, fried dried prawns and soy sauce.

Lastly, the Indian rice is cooked with spices and evaporated milk. It's nice to go with the rendang chicken.


Anonymous said...

never invite also :(


Kenshin said...

Hm.....The rendang looks so tantalizing... Never reserve some for me? :'(

dino said...

my dear, i'm so hungry now..

Alicia said...

kenshin : :P aiseh.. can ask ahboy to bring u

dino : ah dear.. go eat eat :P

hmm the verification this time is abit cool "ijqgalz"

cossie said...

i'm coming back 30th march

Alicia said...

cossie : harh? dono :P

cossie said...

i'm purposely coming back to try your meals. i think asam laksa will be nice!