Monday, February 12, 2007

A Hearty Sunday Meal

What's on the table?
A home cooked meal specially for my sister and housemate(s)

Fried Lam Yue Chicken

"Steamed egg?"

I simply love cooking. I couldn't get rid of my itchy hands to purposely do something in the kitchen.

On Sunday, I would normally go for Kiara Walk with ahboy and the gang. Ah!! well, I'll blog bout it after I get some pictures from the walk. :) After exercise and breakfast I'll then go to the market like an "auntie" (si lai) shopping for raw ingredients for the meal of the day..

Last Sunday I prepared fried lam yue chicken (fried marinated chicken with bean curd) I don't know what is it in English. This is the 2nd attempt as for the first attempt I failed in the taste.. Kinda ok and crispy this time :P

My version of steamed egg is exactly like what my father did. I fried dried prawns with some shallots and garlic till crispy and later mix with beaten egg, water and salt and steam it till it's cooked.. Kinda different from what is sold at the stalls..

The last one is brinjal. It's cooked with minced chicken and soy sauce.


cossie said...

auntie... when do i get to try your cooking? i'm very fussy, so my opinion is of utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.... the perfect woman. :)))))