Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Changes and adaption

New deco at my workplace
It's supposed to bring wealth luck to me.. XD
Alot of people have been working late and spending most of their time in the office. Some work on Saturdays and some even stay on till Sunday. For me, I had always stand firm that I wouldn't be sacrificing this much for my job. To me, a job is always a job. It's important but not entirely everything. I wouldn't want it to eat up my time for leisure, friends and relax.

Reasons for not working late:
1. I'm working to support myself and not devoting my life to it. It's enough to spend time moderately on the job. The rest of the time should be taken for family and leisure.
2. I need good rest. I believe quality contribution comes with a clear mind and a fresh start of a day, especially that I do need to think alot for my job as a programmer.
3. More time to spend with family and friends. Cherish them. Do watch the movie "Click" by Adam Sandler if you don't get this.
4. Health issues.
5. Too much stress is not good.

Anyway, sometimes there are situations that can't be avoidable that I've to stay in the office abit. Seriously I haven't really experience this till I joined my current company. It feels good that I'm earning extra from OT(overtime) and being able to solve coding problems but, I don't think that I want to prolong this situation.

Once a while is ok.. but not too much..

There's just a lot more to do than just having a job.


ShadowFox said...

Totally agree with you. Don't waste life away for a company unless it's your own.

Good to see you updating again. :)

Life is more than just work, and you're lucky to even get paid OT.

Richard said...

The daughter is hot....

izso said...

health issues? You come TT with us until 12 midnite every friday what. What health issues :D

Alicia said...

shadowfox : hehe sorta rite.. but still gotta face evrything wid the job..

richard: no lah.. kate beckinsale is better lah!

izso: aiseh.. TT is different la.. TT is not a job :P