Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alicia had a nice banana rice meal at Kanna Curry House

The Banana Leaf, Curries, Fish and Side Dishes

Chicken Curry

Deep Fried Crispy Squids

I went to Kanna Curry house which is located at Section 17, PJ. The curries are nice but kinda pricey. I think it's basically because that I ordered quite a lot that day. Overall, the food is worth a try.

The address:
29, Jalan 17/45, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


tom said...

looks almost as good as what i make :)

izso said...

If you're gonna eat this sort of stuff, I recommend the nasi kandar at rothmans roundabout near SS2. Don't know the exact address but we can all go together-gether. one day :)

Alicia said...

izso : nasi kandar? err i'm working nearby there lei.. hehe dono where lah!

cossie said...

pelita at ss2 also not bad but pricey of course!

elaine said...

make me feel like having kari kambing for lunch later...... :p

izso said...

alicia - erm.. damn nice la. I'll find out the name and let u know later.

dino said...

i like the Deep Fried Crispy Squids
... *drooling*