Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alicia Cooked Sarawak Laksa

The Main Ingredient

Prepare Chicken Stock

Prepare Prawns

The product

Some time ago, I made Sarawak Laksa for the first time.

Ingredients needed are:
1. Sarawak Laksa paste
2. A can of evaporated milk or adequate coconut milk
3. Bean Sprouts
4. Eggs (to be scrambled, fried and then cut into pieces)
5. Rice Vermicelli
6. Chicken breast meat and bones
7. Prawns
8. Assam Keping (Sliced Tamarind? - not too sure of what is it called in English)
8. Salt

Steps to prepare the soup:
1. Prepare chicken stock. Boil water and put in chicken bones and meat. Set aside the cooked chicken and shred the meat. However, leave the bones in the soup.
2. Boil prawns with it's shells in the stock. Once prawns is cooked, put aside.
3. Pour Sarawak Laksa paste into the boiled chicken stock. Stir and let it boil for a while. Take out another pot and use a drainer (I don't know what is it called) to separate the herbs and spices from the soup.
4. Clear soup is then boiled and added with a few slices of assam keping and evaporated milk/coconut milk.
5. Lastly, add salt to taste.

1. Clean dried vermicelli and boil it in water till it's cooked.
2. Drain boiled water from the vermicelli and put the vermicelli into a bowl
3. Clean bean sprouts and boil it in water till it's cooked. Set aside the bean sprouts.
4. Garnish cooked vermicelli with sliced scrambled eggs, boiled bean sprouts, shredded chicken and prawns.
5. Pour laksa soup or gravy onto it and it's ready to be served.


earl-ku said...

this is the very same paste my mom's friend got for my mom last time ...

but urs is not "kau" enough ... uuleft out a lot of ingredients ...

hey u can use the paste to fry veges also, typically the kacang bontol, or kacang panjang ... or even brinjal with the lady finger ...

Alicia said...

earl ku : would like to know what have i missed out so that i can improve the nxt time.. :)

earl-ku said...

hmmmm i am seeing some ooopmh in it, like adding more of the paste, some coriander, somehow adding some coriander leaves to it makes it whole lot better .... hahaha

then half an egg - yeah i know scrambled egg + another halve an egg ... hahah too much of egg ...

and yeah calamansi ... add some of that too ... and did u make any sambal for it? thats kinda nice too

Alicia said...

earl ku : hehe i'm aware of sambal and such.. but i don't know how to make it.. i think i left out asam keping in my ingredients :P

tom said...

i think that the two pieces of wood sticking out off the dish is an excessive ingredient!! wouldnt touch that :)

KY said...

sambal, that's the missing ingredient, sambal.. slurps

cossie said...

asam laksa leh?

Alicia said...

tom : those r chopsticks lah..

ky : hehe dono how to make that yet..

cossie : gimme the recipe?