Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alicia had Korean Food!

The restaurant

This small korean stall can be found at the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall building in PJ. The shop looks good with a banner displaying food reviews from newspapers in front of the entrance.

Korean Food

There are variety of set meals and a-la-carte that can be chosen from the menu. Japanese food is available too.

Korean Rice

A rice set meal normally comes with a bowl of rice, 2 slices of watermelons, tofu, fried anchovies and the main dish. Cost of a set meal is from RM 13 onwards.


Drinks are sold separately. This iced green tea costs RM1.80.

The food is definitely worth eating :)


izso said...

Korean ala carte is expensive la. I prefer Korean BBQ.. that's worth the money. Lots of MEAAAT.. hehehe. Wei.. wanna go Korean BBQ or not

Alicia said...

which one? the korean restaurant seoul garden ah? u mean? price brapa?

izso said...

Price prob cheaper than the ala carte.

2 people eating 2 different types of bbq can add up to RM60+!! Korean food is expensive la

Alicia said...

izso : errr ya.. hehe.. kinda xpensive :P