Friday, March 23, 2007

A LRT Story on Friday

A Stationary LRT

The LRT was having problem again this morning. Trains have been delayed for bout 40% less than the usual speed. Many been affected by the schedule of the trains and resulting in alot of passangers waiting at the LRT stations for their turn to board in.

Am not too sure of the problem but I could see one of the LRTs remain stationary near to the Asia Jaya Station..


freethinker said...

I was in it.. Should be about some problem betwen Kelana jaya and Asia Jaya..

When I reach Masjid Jamek..crowd is as packed for future spiderman 3 premiere

Alicia said...

freethinker: i guess it's a norm that it happens occasionally esp on friday :P

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Could it be a jumper?

We gets lots of train-huggers in Singapore. And they cause train delays.

cossie said...

safety mah... the slight delay didn't kill you.

Alicia said...

csc : no idea :P

cossie : hehe yalor malaysia always practice safety in this case XD