Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Fried rice is kinda basic to me. I've tried various style like putting egg directly, fry the egg first, making it darker by putting black soy sauce, using butter instead of oil and etc.

There are even many types of fried rice. There are kampung (village) fried rice, sambal fried rice and many more. My style? Seriously I don't know. I put just whatever that I feel will make the rice aromatic and tasty.

Ingredients for today's fried rice:
1. a few prawns,
2. some small cubes of lean chicken meat,
3. plenty of garlic,
4. soy sauce,
5. abalone sauce,
6. an egg (scrambled),
7. some mixed vegetables,
8. oil,
9. salt and
10. pepper.

Simple ingredients and yet making it nice.


boo_licious said...

wow abalone sauce in fried rice - very luxurious stuff. You should check out babe's blog, she has so many ideas abt fried rice.

tom said...

woot, so many food post showed up in so short time, slow down please and let me digest?

izso said...

Uh.. garlic? I don't usually put garlic. I don't like the taste in rice

izso said...

How you find the time to cook in the morning before work? You wake up 2 hours before work issit? Wahlau

earl-ku said...

garlic is a must ... no garlic ... doesnt taste chinese at all ... hahaha

i would normally use this style i copied from those cantonese fried stall ... but this method makes it hard to put in garlic, so i would use garlic oil only ... beat the egg, fluffy ... then with adequate amount of oil, this needs practising, when u start u will end up with too much oil or too els oil and makes the fried rice not nice, you put in the egg and somehow stir it in the wok and let it fry, for 1 egg, u need like 2 tablesspoon of oil ... then add in the rice, somehow the egg turns out nicer in the rice ... then only add in vege and other stuff

Alicia said...

boo_licious : not luxurious lah :P i got 1.. HK brand.. kinda nice.. but abit salty..

tom : not fast at all :P

izso : i like to cook mah.. it's a passion..

earl-ku : u let me learn something new again.. haha

cossie said...

tom yam fried rice!

Alicia said...

cossie : bila u wanna cook? XD