Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Alicia had Yummylicious Rojak


The Rojak Stall

Hasan's Rojak is one of the best rojak which I've had so far. I would say best in Petaling Jaya for my own opinion at the moment. The fried stuffs stays crispy for long and the sauce is tasty.

The stall is normally open in the afternoon starting at bout 11-12 pm at Taman SEA, PJ. There are two types to choose from, that is 'rojak biasa' and 'rojak sotong' both with a price difference of RM 0.50.

Rojak normally sold fast and the stall wouldn't be around by 4-5 pm.


cossie said...

oh ya! this one is good! they take turns to go back to india.

karheng said...

There's one more in Subang Jaya SS15 in front of Shell which is open and the queue is horrendous.

But the rojak is top notch.

Love it!

Alicia said...

cossie : lol sure boh?

karheng : hehe i think i know where is it.. yet to try.. :P

Chen said...

havent eat passembur for quite some time liao :)

Alicia said...

chen : passembur same with the one in this entry?