Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Macro Shots - A Bug's Life



Some Bug

Another Colorful Bug

Just some shots :P


cossie said...

post a macro of your fingernails

Ipoh & Kinta said...

was this taken in your garden or a park ??
is you camera a point n shoot or dslr?

if point n shoot did you set it to macro?


ee.pohjo of ipoh & kinta

Alicia said...

cossie : tak mau

ipoh & kinta : it's taken in a park with a point and shoot. XD
It's set to macro mode too :)

Chen said...

nice pict leh :)

tarak ambik gambar notti boi meh? ;)

izso said...

That's freaking good leh. Look at the water droplets on the leaves.. fuiyo.. nice!

Alicia said...

chen : tyty .. hehe nottiboi.. i haven't go back and visit him yet wid my new cam

izso : we go photoshoot togede gede wid jelly and gang when u get ur new cam lah hehehe..

Anonymous said...

wat camera u use?
Canon, nikon or nokia?