Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The equations of care and concern

I've just got this new formula:

When someone cares and concerned of someone.. let's name it :

the one who cares : partyCare
the one who's been cared and concerned of : partyTioConcerned
the stranger or someone whom partyTioConcerned is not in good terms with : psycho

partyCare can tell all the private info and problems of partyTioConcerned to a third person called psycho.

i believe no matter how much a person care, the person should consult partyTioConcerned directly instead of going thru a third party. Worst still when the 3rd party is the one that partyTioConcerned bo ngam or not in good terms with aka psycho..

in mathematical order

Care and concern = telling a third party (esp someone that is not in good terms with the one who's being concerned).

it really amused me...

worst case is partyCare is someone that has a close bonding with partyTioConcerned...


izso said...


Partycare = Orang A
Partytioconcern = Victim
Psycho = Enemy

Orang A tried to help the Victim by telling the Enemy? And the Victim feels that Orang A should have consulted before going to Enemy? Correct or not?

Alicia said...


izso said...

Alicia - it's complicated. I think Victim should get new friends.