Monday, April 09, 2007

Garlic Cheese Naan and Roti Hawaii (Hawaii Bread)

Garlic Cheese Naan

Naan Up Close

Roti Hawaii

Fillings of Roti Hawaii

I went to Murni SS2 the other day and tried these yummy stuffs. The garlic cheese naan is superb and tasty. Ok I'm a cheese lover so I really love cheesy stuffs.. This garlic cheese naan has been prepared with loaaaaads of cheese and made into perfection with the cruncy and soft texture. What makes it more delicious is the aroma of the garlic which has been topped :)

Roti hawaii in the other hand, is something new to me, It's a kind of roti canai with special filling. I can say the filling might possibly consist of mashed burger patties, egg, sausages, pineapple and garlic. Kinda unique when compared to normal roti canai/prata.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna order the garlic cheese naan should I visit Murni again :)


izso said...

ooi.. go murni never ajak :P

Alicia said...

izso : kekeke i tot u wanna diet :P

cossie said...

ooi.. go murni never ajak :P

Alicia said...

cossie : :P