Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The annoying sickness

I've been down with cough and flu for bout 2 weeks! exactly it is.. Cool huh? i broke the medical leave record of having 4 days of MC in a month! I don't like that but i can't help it.. Should i take more i think it wouldn't be healthy for my work record..

I've also been waking up in the wee hours of the mornings without fail. I slept early.. then i will wake up at bout 3.30 - 4.15 a.m. every single mornings! So if you need help to wake u up at this hour? You can count on me.. pass me your fon number and i shall give u miscal :) .. Like today, i woke up at bout 4.05 am. Waking up is still ok but i have to stay awake for an interval of basically at least 30 minutes before i can continue to sleep. The worst was it lasted bout an hour or two..

Beat that.. i'm so cool that i can still wake up to go to work, be up without looking like a zombie despite having my gay aching nose due to excessive blow of mucus.. (ewwwww disgusting huh?)

Doctors can't help me either.. i think i finished almost a whole bottle of cough mixture.. gotta love it.. it's sweet :P and i think i'm prolly gonna be addicted to it. I even finished the whole antibiotic crap and various pills u name it.. so gay!..

am i gonna recover soon? i think not..

gah.. enuf of my gay rant!


Jee said...

Get well soon Alicia. It's flu season, I myself has just recovered from a minor flu.

Alicia said...

jee : thanks lots :P