Sunday, August 12, 2007

Belgium Chocolates!

Chocolates with macro shot!

i'm all up with my new toy.. a brand new s5IS :) hope that i'll have the time to blog bout it

nice shot? haha or kecacatan.. i'll surely improve :P


Chen said...

nice shot. Not cacat at all :P

Wow... new toy :)
it's great to have a new gadget
how much issit?

Alicia said...

RM 1699 :P kekekeke aiya a bridge la and not a SLR .. if SLR i would choose EOS 350

tom said...

wow.. where did u buy ur wonderful camera? :) the chocolates are nice as well and the picture..

Alicia said...

tom : gay XD

izso said...

Whats a S5IS? Another PNS?

Alicia said...

izso : s5IS is a bridge.. something like wad gary is having :)