Sunday, August 26, 2007

Visiting Heritage Building in Ipoh - Sinhalese Bar

The Sinhalese Bar

Entrance to the Bar

An Antique Clock

Bar Counter Area

A Cupboard of Liquors

The Sinhalese bar is the 2nd oldest bar in Ipoh which is still open for business. There are lots of nice antiques in the bar and arrangement of furniture and items in the bar gave the old feel to anyone who stepped into it..

The bar owners were friendly to let me snap pictures of the bar telling stories of the bar's existance :)

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patrickteoh said...

I have only visited the Sinhalese Bar a few times. I intend to visit it now every time I am in Ipoh. The FMS is gone. And also the last time I visited the Sinhalese Bar I was given such warm hospitality and friendship that I shall never forget.

I hope nobody will 'renovate' it and that it will go on for another 100 years.