Monday, April 10, 2006

Delicious tofu with mushroom, fish meat and scallop (non halal entry)

Tasty Tofu

3 different taste pork (sweet and sour)

Dry bak kut teh

I had these at petaling street.. at the row opposite swiss inn.. (behind a school)

the tofu is delicious.. it's kinda special as it's cooked with mushroom and fish meat..

the sweet and sour pork rib is crispy, tasty and tender.. not hard and tastes good..

the last one is the dry bak kut teh.. it's cooked with some okra, dried chilies and dried sotong.. kinda ok..

price is kinda reasonable.. bout RM 30++ for the 3 dishes with rice..


izso said...

er.. u sure know how to find your food. :)

Chen said...

huh? dry bak kut teh? first time I hear this..

Is the tofu spicy? I love spicy tofu :D

This izso always call me as food blogger although I only blog about food occasionally ..
He should give this prestige title to u leh..
since u talk more about food than me, hahaha :D

Jacky said...

I haven't been to Petaling Street for a long time already. Must try the lohan gua drink, so nice and refreshing...

KY said...

i am hungry :(

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

it looks delicious but i cant consume pork =.=

ish there any HALAL bak kut teh around?

DarReNz said...

dry bak kut teh u can find it in klang too .....

Alicia said...

izso : hehe not really la.. sometimes gotta try la..

chen : it's not spicy at all.. but nice cuz ada fish and mushrooms..

jacky : ya it's famous.. buden i prefer the old style where it's served in a metal bowl..

ky : pi makan xD

snowie : no idea :/

darrenz : i have no idea where in klang.. but i noe klang is nice for it's original bkt..

rootified said...

first time heard of "dry bak kut teh"
there's so many nice food around petaling street. wish i'll be living in KL some day. *droolz*

Alicia said...

rootified : KL has got lots of nice food.. just that u'll need to go around and search for it hehe..