Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kenny Roger's Grilled Lamb Chop with Baked Crispy Cheesy Wedges

Grilled Lamb With 2 Sides

Been having this few weeks ago.. it's kinda ok..

the wedges is abit different from the KFC's as it's a little bit spicy and definitely tasty when dipped with melted cheese..


5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

This sounds nice....but we don't have anymore Kenny Rojaks in Penang cos all tutup kedai already.

Chen said...

Previously I used to have grilled lamp chop in one of the western food outlet in Tg Bungah..(at the price of Rm 7, cheap leh...) but that was months ago.. I think the price has gone up by now after the recent petrol price hike. Might be time to go back there to have some again :D

Jee said...

I actually like KR for their side dishes.. not any of the main course.

Favorite is their muffin, yummy.

Ivan said...

HEy congrats on you being 4th auntie! hhahahah someone old liao.

better not eat too much K.R.
cholesterol high!

izso said...

Cholesterol high meh? KR pride themselves in low fat wholesome meals.

I didn't know KR had lamb. I love lamb. I wanna go eat lamb today.

Tip from me who used to work in KR, don't eat the pie.

Alicia said...

5xmom : still alot of KR in KL .. and a few more in ipoh... not aware that there's no more KR in penang..

chen : i like eating chops.. esp with black pepper sauce..

jee : i like the macaroni and cheese.. and i love the vanilla muffin xD

ivan : aiyor.. me not that ol yet la.. KR not really high cholestrol la if i don't consume the sides..

izso : mana ada good lamb?

izso said...

I like TGIF or Planet hollywood's lamb spare ribs.. *DROOL* JOM PEGI MAKAN!!

DarReNz said...

next time might try it .....