Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On Steven Yeam Network (SYN) and Lampe Berger

recently i've heard so much on Lampe Berger... lampe berger scam, say no to lampe berger and etc etc.. i do not provide the links here as i'm still not quite very clear about the business..

out of curiosity about what all this hoo haa is about, i went to the office itself which is located at the menara HLA and found out that Lampe Berger (DCHN) and Steven Yeam Network (SYN) are actually two separate companies running the same business.. SYN runs as a network of people promoting the products from Lampe Berger..

i don't know the background of both the companies but was told that Lampe Berger is very stable and has been in the market for quite some time..

from a SYN's member's perspective, once you're a member, you don't have to do sales of products.. as in you're not a sales man or a direct selling chap.. all you need to do is just to find people to join the network (sales of lampe(s) is not crucial in the business)..

the business plan is somewad like a piramid scheme... the more a member recruit, the more money will be earned.. some claimed that they're earning about RM 5-6 k to RM10k in a month.. i don't know how true is that and i'm not sure on how much have they invested in this network..

to join SYN, the initial payment is RM 150+RM2345 which comes up to a total of RM 2495 and the member will need to get 5 persons to join under him/her to expand the network.. Income will be calculated based on:

rank's (%) X number of people X RM 2345

the higher your rank is, the more % you'll get..

i'm not on anyone's side in this matter.. some are even making this as their full time job.. i have no idea on how reliable SYN is..

one thing which i don't understand is why are there so many people joining this network? (it's true.. i saw lots of people in their office till late night) is it a real scam? or is it a real fast reliable way to make money rather than working like a normal person does..


Story by pictures, music by life.... said...

LAMPE BERGER will be alway one of the top notch product in FRANCE. LV company bought 13% shares of LB. And French abbasoddor presents LB product as a gift to Mahathir when he visited Malaysia. So no doubt for u to know what is LB n its reputation.

As for the marketing plan, if u are an investor minded person, sure it works. But if u are non-investor minded n non-money-making-business-minded, sorry to say that, GO N STICK WITH UR JOB n dun even bump in LB! Thats all. Wahaha!

Merv Kwok said...

pyramid scheme. works pretty much the same like amway n shit. ah well.

Jee said...

MLM at the basis is a good way to make money. It's to buy and sell products within a group of consumers and make profit.

The money and profits are channel back into the consumers other than to big corporates.

MLM provides the platform and opportunity to do business that a common citizen could not afford to do in a traditional method.

But in Malaysia (or perhaps other places) they are looking for FAST money instead of making it a sustainable BUSINESS.

When people started to over-focus on recruitment and putting in loads of money without paying attention to the product quality and marketing side, it turns scammish.

I don't blame it on the MLMs.. I blame it on the people.

Ivan said...

Well theres success stories alright, but I find those MLMers lose most of their friends.

I tend to avoid them if suddenly a friend I lost contact with 6 yrs ago suddenly calls. LoL

MLM, Lampe Berger, Amway, Cosway,.. insurance,.. blah blah.

Only if you're dedicated to it and don't mind irritating people then go for it. There is money to be made there!

ShadowFox said...

Nothing beats genuine hard work.

MLM and pyramid schemes are for greedy gullible fools.

Robin said...
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Robin said...

MLM rational??..

how can someone who claims to be your friend earns money from you, cons you into buying rubbish and at the same time teach you to con your friends?
How can this be correct?

People who defend MLM has already been conned and brainwashed with fantasy that will never come true.

Betrayal of trust and friendship?

Served them right for being greedy.. a good lesson indeed!

True friendship is clear like water,
False friendship is sweet, like honey.

Steven Yip said...

This is my site on Anti Lampe Berger.

There's more stuff there.

Let's create more awareness on this con pyramid scheme by DCHL Lampe berger and SYN.

izso said...

LOL! Lampe Berger is exactly like Goldquest. Your main aim is to recruit people, get them to spend thousands on products and get them to recruit more people. But Goldquest on the other hand gives you actual gold products.

Bottomline : Pyramids are illegal. These companies are running on the fine lines of the law to run and all it takes is one person to complain to the ministry and if an inquiry pops up, these companies will go bust in Malaysia.

Don't be fooled into parting with your hard earned cash into these get rich quick schemes.

MLM isn't bad, it's only pyramid schemes that are. MLMs like Amway, Sunrider (I suspect defunct now) which sell products and focus on the sales of the product more than the recruitment of members are more legit businesses but aren't big money makers.

I've been in the line for 4 years and look at me now! I drive a Proton, don't own a house, have no friends and business has never been better.. literally. XD

That's why it's only just a side business and I only join companies that have genuinely good products and take the products myself before I recommend to others.

Thats not saying I support MLM. I usually run like a madman when someone talks to me about MLM. Then I pour cold water on their enthusiasm and destroy their money making dreams.



rootified said...

i totally agree with jee. i think he/she has made it precisely to the point.

The marketing plan can make you very rich (one of my close relative is doing this LB thingy and is making around 60k per month), but out of 100 ppl joined, only one ppl will success, others all die...

DarReNz said...

nowadays so many MLM scheme .... just better becareful .... as most of them will just go into their pockets ....

surfnux said...

Too much MLM. They changed their term to Network Marketting just to differ from MLM, but indeed, it is MLM.

I wonder why some people willing to let go their permanent job and go full time for this. What a waste of skills. I met an accountant whom have given up her career for this. Got preached by her and friends about this for hours. Wasted a lot of our time. Worst exprience ever and I will never meet up with any old friends without knowing their purpose of meet up.

Imagine, ur old friends, or someone who seldom contacted you, out of sudden gave u a call and asked for a meet up. You might think of some chit chat session or hanging out. But, unexpectable.

MLM concept are great, you can earn lots of money if you work hard and can get a lot of people. But I just don't buy it. You have to persuade people and all till they believed in what you said, and it will sounds so obvious that you are selling your service. And in the end, that someone might have bad impression on you if they are not interested.

Mostly they are using same techniques in talking and you will come through it many times from different people. Like they have some sorts of training. :p

Phaiseh, just some ideas to add in. :p

Anonymous said...

MLM is a very good way to earn money, and you need to use your heart to do that, otherwise, please sit back and see how other people's success. It very depends on how your characteristic is. If you are not a nice person to your friend's mind and telling this oppotunity to them, please give up. If your friend is not a open-minded person, please don't tell him/her, please just let him/her to see what you are doing, then they will think about it by heart.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Monkey See Monkey Do isn't it anonymous?

Let me tell you more about how people are suffering now..

by this blog of mine..

Anonymous said...

I recently joined syn, when i joined i had to pay rm2500 and i got products. what bothered me was that though i paid more then rm 2k i could not even choose which products i wanted- the system they say. they tell u that u are selling a business when in fact u are just selling produts and u recruit your friend who in turn will do the same.
the worst is when u r ask to 'invest' rm30k, they dont tell u that as a sdn bhd company, you can stand to lose all your money if they company- RZ COPRERATION 1. is declared bankcrupt 2. a share holder pulls out. the common answer is this would not happen to a company that is making billions of money BUT the truth is ANY company can go bamkcrupt- history has proven this. finally what dissapoited me was the fact that this products can be gotten online at a much much cheaper rate. esp the lamps read a difference of rm 700 even aft u include delivery fee. i dont want to sell over priced items to my friends with the prentence of a business opportunity. so..

Anonymous said...

SYN+LB is same as Network21+AMWAY which was banned by Malaysian government sometime ago.. In Network21, what you need to do is to recruite people by showing bussiness plan. N21 claimed they are not a salesman but just to recruite people to become their downline which make them looks like "quick rich scam" which similar to SY network.... I'm sure SYN will be banned by the government one day... just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, SYN or DCHL has never claimed that this business is a 'get rich quick' scheme. From the replies here, the way I see is that people have absolutely no idea what they are even talking about before making their point worth arguing. LB is only a product. Much like any other product out there you see, McDonald, handphones, laptop, etc. Multilevel marketing (mlm) is still direct sales. Thats a fact, but the way this business work is not just being emphasized on selling product. It is selling a business plan, a franchisee license. Name me a company that offers you a franchisee license for rm2500. McD, Starbucks, Coffeebean, these costs millions for initial start up of obtaining a franchisee. What do u get when you have this franchisee license? You are entitled to open a shop, and duplicate the system. Do you see difference in starbucks from malaysia, singapore? or the mcdonalds from KL, johor, thailand, taiwan, hongkong? They are all the same in terms of shop design, the way they operate and product wise (with tweaks to make sure products suited the country etc). What you are doing is only duplicating a working system. Much like copycatting a successful business plan, why do people continue to open MCd, coffeebean etc? Its because they can afford the franchising license to be able to duplicate the success. This is very much what SYN/DCHL is doing, selling a business plan, franchising license, and duplicating the success downwards.

If you have time, do a search and you will find out that MLM is indeed different from pyramid/ponzi scheme. If you insist on arguing that LB is under a pyramid scheme, then what about the corporate world? Dont you think that it is also a pyramid scheme where the chairman/ceo/director are all at the highest level and there can only be a few of them. Then broken down to managerial level where there are more managers downwards, then slowly sales team, marketing team, etc and it goes on downward and then finally perhaps you might be one of them employees at the base of the tree. You are earning a fixed income of say rm2000 for a freshgraduate. No matter how hard you work, you are getting paid rm2000. If you are in the sales line, your earnings + commission is your salary. You work hard to sell products and get a small commission for your effort. But the entire thing leads to the functionality of your company. All the money goes to your boss in the end. He gets 75% while the 25% is split downwards. Now obviously this isnt fair that you do all the work while he is playing golf right? But this has been the case and this has indeed been put into our mindset that we employees are suppose to work while bosses go do business by playing golf or flying elsewhere for business talks. So people see that as normal but doing LB is not normal? The business pratice in LB is very fair, it rewards the ones who put in the effort and as every corporation I believe it applies the same thing. Reward the hardworking ones, kick out the slacking ones. In LB, you slack, you waste your investment in obtaining a franchisee. Simple as that, and what is rm2500 right now for an investment for your own business compared to say opening a shop or a cafe, which requires a hefty rm50k capital to start up. Is Rm2500 such a big amount to fork out? Some people has probably spent more than Rm5000 in cigarettes over their years of smoking. Why is it that people are willing to pay money to breath in bad air and not good air? Think about it, how foolish and stupid can you be if you are supporting the fact that paying to have your life shortened or worst still, affecting the people around you is 'not a bad thing to do, everyone does it'.

Im sure a few of you guys have heard of a famous quote:
'I would rather have 1% from 100 man, than 100% from 1 man'
Based on the quote, its much easier to ask the 1% of help that anyone can provide, but it is a lot harder to ask 100% of help from 1 man.

Anonymous said...

To the person above... one word..


Alex said...

tat's like the dumbest comment i've ever seen. omg i'm laffin so hard the old lady next door's comin over and i'm goin to show it to her too. mcdonalds and starbucks? wtf are u thinking? starbucks make at least good coffee, albeit a lil bit pricey but it's all about carvin out a niche market.

yah the onli thing tat's same bout the syn or watever bs is 'starbucks and bmw' no? go do some studies on organisational structure..a corporation's structure's not tat simple.

Anonymous said...

Its all bullshit. My dear, do a google search by typing SYN+lampe

SURPRISES! So many complains. Even some of my friends got CONNED from digging out their money outta their parents hard earnt money, the relatives and friends deserting them.

WHY? Ever wonder why u dont have to do selling and still get the money? You think money drop from sky is it?

Check out all those links in google.

Anonymous said...

again, people who don't understand and talks like they know everything. well, its human nature anyway, hard to accept.

Anonymous said...

haha... if u try to
keyin kfc also have bad side story... if u found tat ....stop eatting KFC hehe

Anonymous said...

i believe this world full of jelousy ppl,thats why they cant make the money where could affrod make you retired young retired rich,my dad own a 6 star hotel in laos,he have his casino,cruises and many many,guess what,he just gave me 3 car,1 saga,1 camry,other 1 just rav4,i understand how hard of conventional biz need to get through,my dad was seremban datuk,so am my mum..i saw many different background ppl,guess what 80%ppl will get involved to MLM,no matter how rich they are,my dad told me because the world richer also making network biz,this is a new generation that mean 1 day i need to join 1 of them?If i will choose 1 of them..i think i will choose LB,you know why?because i believe the many jealousy you found in 1 company organisation,that must be some power on it.but i dont think my friend dare to talk to me about this biz..haha..think positive,update,you will win this world.

Anonymous said...

i thought what link so intresting,bud,its anti MLM industry again ya?
like i said the outdated ppl very noisy always make negative new,cuz they are negative,borrow me your car ya~~and stop making war at here,have a safety trip yo bud~~

Anonymous said...

Diffrent people diffrent idea! I'm a business student doing DchL Achievements Assignment while i search here -.-

I dont think dchL is not bad as u think! As DCHL strike too much of achievements then of course an achieved company must has negative stuff!

Common answer for failure member

1. Positive

why ?

I'm a previous member ma.. i invested and then cant follow up.I not suitable doing this job .. i weak in communication.. less friends.. thats y.

** You can figure out the answer is not company is people **


(someone says bad)
why ?

i dunno about the company.. my friend say bad 1.

why your friend told that ?

becuz he was a previous member and he get cheated.

You know how they get cheated ?


then we ask his friends.

how u get cheated ?

becuz ar ...
my upline said very easy to do 1 .. and its not so i get cheated.
I lost many money leh.

**Problem also people(upline).. not company**

I have elobrated DCHL is an successful company in my assignment! This not just my view and idea. Most of it is proven by evidence! ( Dont even say it is bad while everyone does. try to figure out yourself)

MLM industry is supported nowadays! For example "First Station Cafe, OLD TOWN .. all doing the same way but diffrent product. If u are interesting in franchise Concept and u have lots of money then dun invest in mlm company ! Create Your Own Mlm Company !

observer. said...

hmmm anti mlm doesnt seem to have much strong point other than saying bullshit or cheater because it is cheating or losing friends... if you look at it at a rational point, it is true that the whole thing works much like a kfc, starbucks franchising. At syn, however, the company work smarter, they sell both the franchise license and the product at the same time (the people who pays the rm2.5 also gets the product), in other words, they company gets an unlimited supply of advertising agents, while at the same time selling out their product. How do they afford to pay people at the uplines more than 10k a month? because they receive %net profit from the product being sell more (another advertising agent) -in a sense that is how the company 1. gets profit 2. kill off competitors (this is in view of traditional market theory) 3.remove the need for an advertising fund.
correct me again if i'm wrong, if a company is able to make profit, then how would it be a scam? cause the business itself is able to sustain itself. paying high ranks in the company like duke or whatever is actually like paying for a CEO in a traditional company-because they actually helped the company made the money.

If one did do their research, Lampe Berger is a well established company with a 100 years history. But there's of course a downside to mlm. but its beyond shallow selfish minds, mlm is actually able to kill a society and at the same time stop the growth of existing products (as well as i had mentioned before -clean effective annihilation of competitors; leaving little or no consumer choice on product brands) How does mlm kills a society? when you get educated persona like doctors, engineers to became fulltime business franchiser, how would a society sustain itself? how would industry develop new technologies or build the product?

for those who don't only think of themselves, social issues is actually at hand- there's too much unfairness in capitalism- that is how mlm is born. mlm is radical and probably could not support the growth of a society but people are opting to enjoy better lives that traditional business are not willing to provide (traditional companies absorb too much of the profit).

Please correct me if i'm wrong with this perception: i'm just an observant. Anti mlm please stop using retarded reasons by just saying bullshit or cheater because it is cheating or losing friends, you guys are losing on the rationale side because pro mlm are making more rationalize sense (indicating most of them are rather educated professionals).
Justification are well needed.

Anonymous said...

haha LB..yea its true can earn lot of money tho
but u really need to invest no money..just like that
all wont come for free..but teenager wan to play this..think about it..lot lot money to make and to INVEST..not 2 digit or 3 digits..u play 4 to 5 digit to make your income like an X.syn member..diaoz.for more info...i dunno xD.
and 1 more thing if u are really wan to become a business man...blahh not this la...i tell u wont understand until u try it by bullshit..u juz promote..@@ DCHL is a business company la diaoz..think...

Anonymous said...

WOHHH u see..lot lot syn member here..defending..wat teeup..wat wat wat A wat B cai ah..fck la..all of this guy hv been train to talk cock la..u see they talk so pro..but head only.."come la join la come la" u come ma money come lo..
don say im wrong..i know la all wan money..i oso love mah..wakaka but become assasin better then become a liar..some..not all..

Anonymous said...

your dad got laos 6 star hotel gun ngo pei si meh..your dad datuk gun ngo pei si meh..diaoz..go to dad own heaven and hell..jibai

Anonymous said...

if you r proud of ur dad own heaven and hell, you are most welcome in hell.. because you are similar with 'devil' for everything in your life..'devil' is making things wrost even something is true and reality..that is you!..

bluebelle said...
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SengAun Ong said...

Whoa, you still survived after going to their lair in Menara HLA. That means you are really strong-willed. Most people that do not know much about pyramid scheme fall into their mind control trap. People should be educated about MLM so that they will not be victimized:

caliber said...

for those of you who are anti-lb, observant (6 posts above) have made a point whereby there's no constructive criticism and all ur prove are from ppl who have failed in the business not wanting to admit their own mistakes?

after reading most anti-lb sites, they all seem to say the same thing; criticizing before explaining; fuck this and fuck that.. well? Fuck you too! anyways, i believe up to 80% are criticizes and only 20% explained. YOU(anti-lbs) are "theoretically" doing MLM or rather Pyramid urself (the system that is). It all started off from a fool or two (or even more) who failed to accomplish their mission; run around like a child who didnt get their toys, mocking the business plan/company and even products; then start a blog; invite frens etc and spreads like bacteria; now those who've read ur blogs either follow ur "culture" by not even analyzing, experiencing, observing (whatever it is) on what SYN/DCHL has to offer but mock and mock blindly (the mechanics of the business, how everything work); u have just duplicated urselves and it all goes round and round. arent we the same? should i say heaven & hell? by doing so, SYN is earning money while anti-lb's are not earning a cent. havin fun doin it? carry on then.

as for those who've explained, it seem to me it is the MEMBERS within DCHL/SYN who are not practicing the right culture SYN/DCHL are trying to duplicate or rather educate its members. who said u're not entitled to choose ur items? which business doesnt require hard work? u want cash, u work for it. u think money will grow once u dump in 36k into SYN? SYN is a duplicating business. i need not explain more cos u can read it off observant's post above, you smart-assed anti-lbs.

to cut it short for others who've still not a clue wat SYN is about?
1. u register, buy stock (CHOOSE THEM DAMMIT!)
2. u find 3-5 downlines, give stock to downlines; get capital back
3. they do the same u're doing (duplication)
4. u start earning from there based on figures given by SYN/DCHL.
.....get my drift? no? i have an idea, why dont u make a few phone calls to ur SYN frens and listen to their talks. ask whatever u dont understand or want to know. while u're at it, stop being a skeptical loser and absorb whatever u can, bring a pen & paper. if things still dont sound right, ur advisor - the person who tell u things abt SYN is a misleading-retard. if u find a flaw, let's debate on it then! if otherwise, STFU life goes on.

as for the BMW's/watever fancy cars, VIP's, events with choppers and all that shit which i myself cant be bothered. if u havent already figured, MLM is all about EGO, work practice, culture, product knowledge and ur communication skills. Why BMW's and all the fancy cars? WHAT'RE U, DUMB? Those who've made it up there NEEDS something to SHOW the others into joining in the business, fancy cars are the easiest THING to show ur prospects, DUMBASS! what u wanna buy a house and take ur prospect to ur new house just to show it off to him that its yours? suit urself! anyways, if u have NOTHING to show, how are u supposed to impress ur prospects? You dont expect Bill Gates to drive a Proton Wira?! YES estabelle has a luxurious SPA if u can be bothered, SYN has VIP's and icons givin talks and crap cos HEY! ITS ALL ABT SHOWING-OFF! u dont like it, then dont!

now for all u anti-lb's, either YOU wake up and stop "scamming" or rather "misleading" the SOCIETY that SYN is a scam just cos u didnt get wat u anticipiated due to ur own failure. stop blaming others for ur failure.

on a sidenote, dont even think about mixing SYN/DCHL with other MLM companies like amway, cosway, tupperware watever it is, cos if u do, then u're just plain dumb and ignorant. what u should be doing is understand what is within SYN/DCHL then u figure out how the hell is this a scam to the "SOCIETY".

no doubt im a SYN member, but hey i dont give a rats' ass about all the fancy events, cars, spa's it doesnt impress me one bit, fuck no. what im impressed with is how things are being runned and how easy it is to DO IT; my upline educates me well, the business plan is fantastic, i got my capital so i have nothing to lose now, best part is MLM taught me heaps u dickwits probably dont even know of!
Like managing ur funds, manage people, talking to people, time management, how u're gonna help ur downlines be like u and all that shit. AND NO, SYN sure as hell did not teach me to MOCK and throw words about like most u anti-lb's do. I bet all those "complaint letters" from anti-lb sites are all fake. U're just tryin to bring down SYN. Dont even think about it. SYN is growing, LB is stable, the boss is a reputable person (NOT steven yeam, boss of DCHL), the plan is awesome, products are sure as hell fantastic! What else do u ask for?

Next time do ur homework before u even think of dumping ur money into things u're not sure about cos u're just gonna end up like the rest of these anti-lb's. on a side-note, stop being skeptical and conservative. the world is changing everyday so is the market and so should YOU.

Now for those of u who got "cheated", revise and seek consultation.

And for the record, i apologize for my childish speech with all the inappropriate name-callings, i just had to sound like a child in order for me to "fit-in" with the anti-lb-ers.

Thanx for reading.

vincentzo said...

i own a 350z without doing SYN..;P

Anonymous said...

Anyway, 1st I'm apologize that my english is not very good. But I'm seriously so proud of Steven Yeam(SYN de boss) and DCHL. Because there really a successful man although there are not richest man. But there can manage their company very well and their workers. Especially there are so team work to help each other in their working place. And all the members in SYN were driving BMW, Skyline and so on. I am suprise that dreams really can come true. Just depands on how you do. But don think your dreams have come true while you driving BMW and 10k per month thats not last long till you old. Mayb Im still childish and don have the power to talk here because Im only 16 years old.

All I know is every member from SYN have fall into Steven's trap. Good luck. I know that everyone here heards of lamb berger(got wrong spelling mah?!). Thats true its really 100 years history. But until now are there many people using it? Can we saw them on TV advertisement? This is because a bottle of water that filled in some chemicals release some smell but cost at least RM 1,300.

Actually there still many people buying DCHL product and the bottle of water. There are all like hidden. SYN's bussiness plan was so good. VERY GOOD AH! I bet anyone here know how the plan works then you will join them. There are not direct-sales you don have to sale DCHL product. All you have to do is recruit people.(bullshit hehe)

All member you recruit you can have 9% comission, 9% of RM 2.5k which is RM 225. If you got 5 downlines 9% of all of them. RM 2.5k X 5 X 9%=RM 1125. Thats not much but if 5 of them each person recruit 5 and thats not little. RM 2.5k X 5 X 5 X 9%=RM5625. So the tree will keep grows on but all you have to do is only recruit 5 person or more and pay RM 2.5k for register and also you can pick a product for your own use which cost RM 2350(so good ah). After you earn back, the 2.5k was so small only.

This is not pyramid schemes but their system is under 6 generation. Means you can get comission under your downline to maximum the 5th generation. like A>B>C>D>E then now E recruit another new member F. So it will become A>B>C>D>E>F, maximum until F.(If F recruit G so A won't get commission from G) Which means A,B,C,D,E each will get 9% commission of RM 2.5k that F paid. 9% X 5 of them = 45%. RM 2.5k of 45% will goes on SYN member. So the 55% will go to Steven!(Obviously)

you think if you hard work you get what you want but who knows you are just buying DCHL's product and helping them to promote their products to everyone including your family BY FREE OF SALARY! RM 2.5k of 45% goes to member(if you don know read above and calculate properly) and 55% go to Steven =RM1375.(Steven still earning RM 75 only ah?) I think common sense the product that members pick is not worth RM 2350. Will be less than RM1,300.(If im not sin+lan then there are lying loh)But if Steven make a plan that members cannot pick one product so who will think it is GOOD AH!(HOU DAI)

Steven just sit down there and earn money by not paying you guys salary, where to find OH! Some more you all still help him to advertise GOOD AH! Don have to waste money to advertise(no wonder). You think you all really can make till RM 30-50k per month? the money are COMES FROM YOUR FAMILY AND FRENS AH! You think you all can invite people from outsider mah? All joining in is it you frens de frens de frens? Nowdays SYN member at least over 10 thousand people from Malaysia only!(maybe more)If you only earn 100 people's money already have RM 22.5k

IF I'm not wrong again. All SYN members can afford to buy BMW but, bank won't approve money to let you buy. Because your income is unstable. But why BMW all around?(plastic) IF I'M NOT SIN+LAN the company borrow money to them like how banks work. Just to tell everyone SYN's bussiness plan GOOD AH and come join SYN (indeed buying their products only)

So why still asking your frens and family to pay out RM 2.5k but you only earn RM 225. Just straight ask from them or rob RM 2.5k better than only get RM 225 LAH! Don't only earn 9%. Make it 100% bah. Everyone know lamb berger is not worth to buy it. But you still asking your frens to buy it. Then you teach your frens to ask his frens to buy it. OMG(so many "buy it") You guys worse than direct-sales, "cheat"(ask people to buy something that he don't want)

I love you Steven Yeam, proud of you. Successful man doesn't mean it must be the richest. Sorry if my comment was disturbing this blog.

"-Nothing is impossible, because we are possible-" : 16 years old boy

Martin said...

All bull shiting here !!! who dare to say they are really very understand mlm ? microsoft is not a mlm company ? credit card is not a direct selling business meh ? who not dare to involve then just keep the mouth shut don say too much things here ... if the person who like to work to ppl and not dare to take the challenge one pls do back ur 9 to 5 works. here is not the place to post your comments . bcoz always spread out rumour and negative things ppl are the failure and loser forever and ever ... do all who involve in mlm agree bout that ? if agree pls support this statement and post more positive comments to this site. Law of attraction and our wish is universe command ... cheers

Ameen said...

Yeah Martin..agree...all bullshit here..including u !! it's amazing you MLM drones are brainwashed..

refer here:

Has RZ Corp renewed its license ?

Roy said...

I have received confirmation from the kementerian that it is illegal for R Z Corporation to continue with its business. Before you all do any recruti, please tell your potential downline to check
that shown that DCHL do not have a legal direct sale licence to run their business. No licence, no future. Who know tomorrow their door at HLA building closed without any notice.

Below is his reply:

Dear Sir,

Section 4 (1) under The Direct Sales Act 1993 states that "Subject to sections 14 and 42, no person shall carry on any direct sales business unless it is a company incorporated under the Comapnies Act 1965 and holds a valid licence granted under section 6"

Therefore, if the period had lapsed or xpired, that means the licence is not valid anymore. It is the same anology for the driving licence. People still drive although the licence had expired although it is illegal because they did not afraid until they get caught.

We will investigate and take legal action against them if they are still in operation. Kindly come to our office and provide the necessary evident if possible.


xxxxxxx (name of the pegawai deleted)
unit jualan langsung
kpdn & hep

Anonymous said...

if syn is a bad network..then y this business is on the list of business the most firm business..i've see it on my own eyes..

ColbyRaikkonen said...

Basiccaly the money you earn from MLM, is from your downline.
If your downline is your friends or are taken their money actually..

I'm also can start my own MLM....
I ask 5 of my friends to invest RM2500....(L can just sell business plan or anything that cost actually less than Rm500)
I tell my friends , they can earn 10% if they recruit 1 person...

Now I have collected RM2500x 5 = RM12500

5 of my friends then recruit another 5 friends....
so each them get 10% x 5 x 2500
=RM 1250

So i need to pay my friend Rm1250 x 5 = RM6250

Using their money collected earlier, i still have balanced, RM12500 - RM6250 = RM6250

But i gain 25 others...(from my 5 friends) = 25 X 2500 = RM62500

Total money on my hand now = Rm62500 + 6250 = Rm68750

Then that 25 friends.....get another 5 friends...

MY 5 INITIAL FRIEND then get another RM1250, so their investment break even....

My 25 friends of friends get RM1250 each = RM31250

Total payment = RM31250 + RM6250
= 37500

My account balance = RM68750 - Rm37500 = Rm31250

However, I have 125 new downline
125 X RM2500 = RM312500

MY MONEY AT HAND just after 3 downline = RM312500 + 31250

So, it's better you just con other people by doing your own MLM...

Anonymous said...

Well, at first I just have a glance of what's is written in this blog. Anyway, what I can say is, just be yourself. Some of the calculations made maybe in your own expression or research. Congratulation then...

There is the pro's and the con's. Maybe those who have joined know how everything works but others just put their assumptions.

I don't think that this so-called MLM is 'eating' the friend's money because I have seen there's a repeat sale once they be a distributor, then the market the products to other distributors. They are not selling the products but they are becoming a distributor to the products and at the same time as a user...


Anonymous said...

as a human that live in the world today off course we need money to satisfied our needs...we cannot blame on MLMmer because lots of people are success BUT if you r not confident dont ever dream to be MLMmer because you will die on the day you are started and its a debt that you use for your capital.....if you want to do MLM you must have strong heart and strong mindset...2 things that really about Lampe Berger, SYN and bla...bla...

I'm sorry because my opinion is Lampe Berger is just a Product and it is very artistic and good product for air and health as well....history of Lampe Berger that i ever heard few years back was People us it to clean air when Kawasaki virus spread and its really works....

But most people are misunderstood and CONNECT Lampe Berger and SYN or Steven Yeam....Please don't blame Lampe Berger because its just a good Product and dosen't know how to talk and force you to buy it...

Ok...this is the different between Lampe Berger and SYN and DCHL...

DCHL : DCHL is a form and quite big company that have a license to sell Lampe Berger (because Lampe Berger is a history) and it is owned by a Rich man.

Lampe Berger : Lampe Berger is one product with a high quality and and very usefull expecially when its come to virus that spread through air...and it can cure such an asthma, sinus and others..The Lampe is very artistic and very valueable...this product cannot talk themself...

SYN : SYN is called Steven Yeam Netwok and it is the idea of Steven Yeam to make a system to sell Lampe Berger..SYN form a lots of members or distributor in lot other country and as well as in Malaysia...the system and the marketing plan is very nice to see with the evidence such as sports car, high income and else....This distributor from Steven Yeam Network was the member that sells/distribute Lampe Berger...

So now did ya all see the difference??

So if you really hate SYN or Steven Yeam or Steven Yip please don't connect it with DCHL and Lampe Berger because its just a company and a product...

Anonymous said...

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how to sell a business without a broker said...

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Anonymous said...

Bullshit!!! Talking kok....farking MLM won't work, cheating dikheads, where is this shit going anywhere today?