Thursday, October 20, 2005

like it or not

Well, since you've brought yourself to view my occasionally updated writings, blog, rants n etc.., take a few minutes to read this. This is the place where my guest blogger(s) and I write on anything and everything. We do not speak or write on behalf of anyone, We write literally everything about ourselves, our experiences and our thoughts...

There are abundance of mistakes.. ie: grammar and spelling and we might not take the time to read and correct them... There may even be writings in these pages that some may find unreasonable, ghey, insane, stupid n etc etc... we don't care.

btw.. love our posts or leave it.. we're not that good in accepting critisizm..

wadever it is.. enjoy~

thank you for taking your time reading this :)


v0ices said...

Yes... I am enjoying every bit!

Robin said...

ok.. I have read.. what's next?

lennon said...

u playin SO?
so u sure stopped playin FWO right?
drop by the website and check out the new provider; CiB Netstation

Alicia said...

lennon : ya i played both SO and FWO.. but now i'm seldom on online games :)

cossie said...

yerrr... you're much more active than me!