Thursday, October 27, 2005

Guys... before and after

during courtship

they're nice.. sweet.. and may promise u the sun.. moon or the star...
their lips r filled with honey (eg. "dear..there's only you in my heart")
anything impossible.. might b possible at that particular event...

in a relationship

eyes started to wander around.. looking at other girls.. it's a nature eh? guys tend to admire wad dey can't have.. in fact all girls r the same.. came with the same package.. a pair of boobs.. n the standard body organs...

being able to accompany the gf back to the hometown at anytime.. evry single time spent with the gf.. is priceless n worth it..

nice words.. r still there.. however.. there may also be special additions such as "u piece of shit".. "shuddup lar"... "u idiot"..


no more sun, moon or star... ceiling fan oso cannot reach leh...~
"go back hometown with u? no pls?" - the normal respond
time? - "i wan to sleep lar.. yesterday football till etc etc..."
outings? - eh.. dota dota... or their fav.. "football.. goall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

this is all solely based on my study... comments r welcome..


v0ices said...

YOu went out / studied the wrong guys. :P

Alicia said...

haha it's a norm thing leh.. :P
my cousin's wife told me that too

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

"nice words.. r still there.. however.. there may also be special additions such as "u piece of shit".. "shuddup lar"... "u idiot".."

HILARIOUS! Heheeheh.

But it's terrible.

vremya said...

so true

Anonymous said...

wake up and live/

tom said...

This subject is the best in this blog.

During courtship:
Well yes boys are nice and sweet during this period.

In a relationship:
Oh well you must be saying about some immature guys who dont follow your mind.
Problem is why you are even in a relationship, whats the reason of being together? Boys want to be in a relationships with nice looking woman(most of them), very rarely you could find a boy who would accept you not only for the way how you look like. Yes they think about how to make love to another girl. The stuff im saying is about immature ppl who dont know where their lives head to. They dont want to estabilish their material situations, settle, get married, have babies. - those are immature pricks who hurt girls mostlikely. Saying about words like " "u piece of shit".. "shuddup lar"... "u idiot".. " - no comment on that one. I mean if i were a girl and my bf would tell such a crap to me, we would break up before we even met for the first time.

Lets just face the life. Its not a moon walk. Those are problems which you have to solve and the better partner you pick up for yourself the easier you will go through the life all happy. The outgoings thing can be thought of just before you get married in the meantime, find a person who will love it and so you will do it together in marriage, the same goes for most of the stuff. Find things you got in common and care of them.
About the Tv thing and all the complainings i think the best is to talk about that whenever it comes up. Girls / woman need to be cared of for most of the time and a men's problem is to get their attention, make them feel good. Man need to remember, TALK TALK and TALK to their girlfriends/wives about anything, it makes them feel better, you give them your attention which is perfect. You both feel great and happy. It all brings you great moods and happiness, you go through the life this way.
Then you can say you have a beautiful life and perfect to you husband. - I dont know many woman who could say it, actually 2. Im heading to that myself, so my further wife could say it about me.

Remember, you dont have to get married at first. Just live with the person who you consider to be your husband / wife, get to know each other. I know that it wont guarantee you a hundred precent succes but still can help, even for a little bit - it still counts in.

Take care.