Thursday, October 27, 2005

Predictions of the future ?

few yrs ago.. i met an indian monk at my part-time work place... n this conversation took place:

monk : hmm frm ur looks u seem to be praying sometimes (o.O how the heck can he noe?) ....
girl, you may look happy working here but actually you're not (-.- ok i wasn't really happy working at that particular place at that time)
me : smile only (haha wad can i do? i duno wad else can i say)
monk : would u like me to read your palm?
me : err i dun have the money.. been pokai leh.. ( :/ pathetic me.. i was only left with RM 10 in my wallet.. still a student mar.. )
monk : it's ok.. u dun need to pay me a handsome amount for it..

and so.. i allowed him to read my palm..

monk : u've been.. *** this n this *** (he was right about my past)
me : and wad bout my future?
monk : u'll be .. *** this n that *** (harh? sure boh?? )
u might not believe me now.. but u'll see :)
me : but how am i supposed to noe when will *** this n that *** coming?
monk : i can't tell u muc (zzz hater monk.. tell half.. dowan to tell the other half.. crap!!!)
n well u've to pay me some cash in any amount to cover up wad i've told u....

and so i paid him RM5 as i really dun hv muc left in my wallet :/

until today.. i hven't see myself as predicted by the monk..
izzit just not the time yet?? or it's just some false reading..


J!MMY said...

do you really believe someone can read your future?


you make your own future.

Alicia said...

hmm... he told me the exact thing of wad happened in my past.. :P

anyway it doesn't matter hehe

彼德仔 said...

thank god, u just being scammed by the indian monk !

DarReNz said...

this prediction is like you experiencing deja vu feelings ....

Alicia said...


~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

so cute