Friday, October 21, 2005

What are you vulnerable to?, ways to conquer you...

What kind of chasing style united you with your boyfriend?


Anchor guy, always be the pillar of support you can count on> The matured kinda people, knows how to listen and he will have the amazing aura that makes you just wanna trust him with your problems, knowing that he will calm you down, provide a shoulder to cry on.
Chasing style - caring voice, calm manner, doesn't talk much but can focus very well in conversations, open minded and won't push you away if you've done a very bad thing (like have sex with two boyfriends at the same time)

Obi Wan, the one who is always willing to guide you> Similar to the anchor guy, except that he is more talkative, always full of creative ideas and so on. He loves to give his opinion, fast to form conclusions from what you say, and sometimes, gives you an impression that he knows a lot about how you think and from there is able to piece together what you like, what you need and so on.
Chasing style - same like anchor guy, except that he is fast to come to conclusions and always have an answer for any questions you pose. Also, he will constantly update you with news and stuff around the world, and most of the time you'll be the one listening instead of talking.

Funny guy, always the one who makes you roll on the floor> Qualified to be a comedian, this guy can turn anything into a joke. He knows where your funny bones are, and knows how to tickle them. The catch is, he knows what kind of jokes to tell, and what not to, and when you're down and out he won't give up on trying to bring you back to cheerfullness again.
Chasing Style: employs jokes and generally wants to make you laugh and smile, and his words are usually, "I want you to be the happiest person in the world", even when it means he has to hurt himself to do so.

Cool ice, the cool guy like Jay Chow> Rarely talks like the anchor guy, but he has a certain cool aura in him that makes him look as if he can stand in the midst of a storm and walk out with the same face he went in with. Nothing special about him, except that he seems to be the coolest guy around, and for some reasons you just feel safe that when the world is in chaos, at least he will still be calm and ice cool.
Chasing Style: no need to do anything, just be cool on everything.

The Bard, the sentimental romantic with skills in song and dance> A wildly talented person, who appreciates everything romantic and sentimental. Never forgets your birthday, and all dates, and he takes you to fancy restaurants and knows how to set the moods. Good in musical intrusments and singing, he writes songs for you and sing them to you. Good in dancing, the way he moves is just sexy.
Chasing style: Anything you can think of that relates to romantic. Also writes nice love songs to you.

Mr. Buaya King, sweet talker that fills your heart with honey> A shrink who is abusing his skills, this guy knows the word that makes you blush, and knows how to make you feel like you are on top of the world. He gives you the attention you seek, and has an amazing ability with words that makes you feel like your heart is wrapped in pure honey everytime he flings his 007 phrases.
Chasing Style: Employs all his charms and skill with words as well as female psychology to pwn you.

Flower Vase, the Brad Pitt but that's about all> The best looking guy you've ever come across, but other than that, he's pretty normal.

Ferrari guy, the one that showers you with gifts and bling blings> Another normal guy, with all the bling blings you can ever imagine.

Nerdy Kid, the one who is cute in a naive and shy kinda way> The normal nerd you find on the street, but this one's kinda naive, innocent, pure and shy at the same time. In the world full of deceit and dirt, the existence of such beings give you hope on mankind, and reminds you of an angel who has just came to earth, and makes you wanna protect him and shelter him from the ugly world out there.
Chasing style: None. You are the one chasing him, most probably.

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