Friday, October 21, 2005


My life has been kinda mundane..

i would spend my time with the same shit over and over again.. with the same every weekdays kick start morning alarm.. nice songs frm the radio, morning shower and taking a bus to work..

and after work... i would...

go home.. shower again.. spend some time with the idiot box/the laptop.. n sleep..

boring huh?

however things will be a little bit different on almost every friday.. considering the fact that i'll b heading back to my hometown with an evening bus and got home at about 10.30 pm or if not... 12 midnite maybe?.. if the old friggin xpress bus does create a scene halfway thru the highway...

hmm... y hometown when i can just spend my time in kl and even save on my transport...? the fact is.. i dun have muc options.. cuz i dun hv alot of frens in kl.. and with all the listed positive outcome.. y not?

1) i can get to c my parents and my dog and spent time with them
2) can just chuck my clothes into the washing machine without the fuss of hand wash..
3) the ever ultimate unlimited BROADBAND connection so that i can spend time at my pc playing online games :/

after muc enjoyable time.. for just a mere 2 days... i've to take a bus down to kl again... and there.. the routine starts again..