Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counter to the Men Post

A counter to Men Rulez by n305er

the rules from the male side is rediculous.. here's wad i've came out with..

1. breasts are made for breastfeeding and not for males to look or ogle at.. i'm not trying to change that.. but god created it for that reason.. furthermore.. respect pls?

2. u're a big boi too.. or most male with their high ego will say that they're a MAN.. so u should learn how to work the toilet seat..

3. saturday = outing.. unless that u wanna be a male spinster..

4. shopping is definitely a kind of exercise.. u walk.. u burn calories.. pls consult the profesionals and hear wad they say..

5. crying is an emotional act.. not a blackmail.. don't tell me males don't cry..

6. asking is a way.. but hints is a better way for females to xpress their requests to their loved ones.. they want their loved ones to understand them.. and not being asked like a robot evrytime they need something..

7. some questions do need elaborations like.. eg. how do u operate the pc? u don't possibly answer that with just 'yes' or 'no'..

8. might as well all females turn into a les and seeing no point of getting a bf..

9. i don't understand this...

10. so promises and wadever said are made to be broken? or u xpect females to b somewad without feelings? or izzit just ok that u just walk up to a person.. give a tight slap.. say soree and forget bout it after 7 days xD

11. girls just wanna look good for their bf... n there's nothin wrong with asking.. i'm sure most guys will go for looks for the first impression of getting a gf... furthermore.. y look at other girls when one already has got a gf?

12. if u don't mean it.. just don't say it..

13. how can u claim yourself as a MAN when u can't even settle things perfectly?

14. dat's y there r so much of miscommunication because of the male who r not willing to talk..

15. hmm so u mean males doesn't need directions in life?

16. so men does have got some minor inefficiency in information processing..

17. y not just do it in frnt of the public no matter where it itches?

18. if it's a hassle.. then just let the problem slide and grow bigger.. don't have to later concern and ask the gf "wad's wrong?"..

19. so does it mean that males like to provoke an arguement?

20. izzit wrong to ask for opinion? esp when a female just wanna look good for her man?

21. so where have all the intellectual conversations gone to esp during courtships?

22. so males will just stick to old fashioned clothes and will not get new ones?

23. so males will just wear the same pair of shoes over and over again?

24. u mean it's healthy to be obese?

25. r u sure men don't really mind?


n305er said...

Like that also can ah? :P

Merv Kwok said...

she's a hantu ;)

Alicia said...

n305er : haha i think those r not baseless comments

Alicia said...

merv : u're the hantu.. hater u

Merv Kwok said...

hantu u back wahahhahha

v0ices said...

hantu hantu...~~

n305er said...

Gyaaa.. I dunno what hantu hantu but I wrote a counter counter...

Alicia said...

merv : hantu u back X infinity
v0ices : hehe good comments on the no. 25
n305er : -.-

DarReNz said...

wah so many comments but still everyone fancy u lolz ....

Darryl said...

My gawd! I completely reject your posting! Completely not true!!! I OBJECT! :D

Speaking about toilet seats, have you heard of guys peeing while sitting? I have completely puzzled about that. It's just beyond normal.

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

sux .... i will opt for celibacy for sure ....

Alicia said...

darrenz : not fancy lar ~.~
darryl : lol the male post is really rediculous..
btw.. so males duneed to b responsible whenever dey use the toilet?
snow : haha good option..

tom said...
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