Friday, November 11, 2005

ah soh pt2

i could still remember the nice and tasty chee cheong fun in taman cempaka, ipoh.. the special thing for the delicacy is it's gravy... the gravy is different frm any other chee cheong fun that is sold elsewhere as it's milky brown in colour and is cooked with some squids n other special ingredients...

it's sold by an apek and he had this motorbike under a tree... with a stell box attached to the side of it as a stall... customers r served via first come first serve basis..

particularly.. one needs to be very early (or better.. be much earlier than the ah sohs) to buy the chee cheong fun or else.. hours of patience is required to buy a pack of it..

consider this situation (via my experience)

ah soh: ah pek.. gimme 5 packs of chee cheong fun
ah pek: ok.. 5 packs arh...(taking out chee cheong funs n starting to chop them finely and place them to packets)
ah soh: oh.. err i wan 2 packs "kah fun" (she wants to hv xtra chee cheong fun to the 2 packs out of the 5)
ah pek : ok.. so wad gravy do u wan? sweet gravy? mixed or just the brown gravy..
ah soh : 1) oh.. 1st pack i wan less oil..
2) erh.. i wan sweet gravy for 2 packs and 3 packs with mixed gravy
3) oh.. wait wait.. i dowan chili for the last pack
4) ahh.. no.. i dowan sesame for the 4th pack..
5) eh eh.. oh... i almost forgot.. i need another pack plain wan without gravy..
6) eh wait.. gimme some "liu"(meat chunks used to cooked the gravy) of the gravy for the 2nd pack..
7) arr no soy sauce for the 4th pack too...
8) opps.. pls pack those gravy separately..

n so.. the list goes etc n etc causing the others to wait longer.. and in the end..

ah soh : so how muc izzit?
ah pek : RM ---
ah soh : thanx hor..

based on that.. just imagine how muc time is wasted just to serve an ah soh..


v0ices said...

Take my advice. The next one .... KICK HER ASS :P

or call me, I will be glad to help you kick

Alicia said...

lol c any ah sohs just kick meh.. not right lar... later tio charge n complain..

Merv Kwok said...

donch play play ah. some ah soh damn powder wan. other day on bus, got 1 walk damn slow so ppl behind me push me n i push her. got off bus she look at me and scold me chee***.

donch dare scold her back. skali ada orang fikir i anak kurang ajar.

Alicia said...

merv : LoL muahaha u tio buwee by ah soh sia.. damn geng..

hater said...


Merv Kwok said...

i fear all ah soh now. skali get scolded ccb. damn malu man.

Alicia said...

LoL.. ah sohs now r damn dangerous eh..

hater said...

i disagree.. cookie monsters are more dangerous..

yesterday a cookie monster snatched my box of cookies when i left the shopping center.. ="(

Merv Kwok said...

alicia, they so are... *shudder*

Alicia said...

hater : hater u...!!!!
merv : ah soh the ganas :P

DarReNz said...

the life of an ah soh ..... continues ....

tom said...

Now we know something about your impatience. Whats nice.. that you can present the very simple situation in such a colorful view. Its just life :p