Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I want to spend time with 'You'

frm the title.. wad does a guy mean when he says dat? basically frm some feedbacks.. the sentence above might carry the meaning that...

1. he would play with the pc for the whole day..
bf : "ah.. just a while onli ma.. pls la.. i must kill that guy.. i wanna be the top scorer.."
gf : ooh... this is wad u call "i want to spend time with You lar?"

in this scenario.. the word 'a while' in a guy's dictionary can be defined as the game might last for as short as an hour or as long as until wee hrs in the morning?

result : the poor gf will hv to just sit aside and look and in the end dozed off b'cuz of the sheer boringness of watching the bf playing non-stop.. and so.. the "you" in the sentence might be the PC or DOTA?

2. when a couple is watching a movie.. after a while, there was a very wierd noise coming frm someone bside her.. *snore *snore... at this moment.. the 'you' is again refering to some other thing.. sleep?

bf : *snore *snore ... pigging..
gf : "you pig!.. wake up.."
bf : (being blur) aa i was just closing my eyes for a while oni
gf : ya right.. u freakin snored!!!
bf : really arh?
gf : @)(#*%%()&^#&@ (bf blasted by gf)

it's just so wierd that a guy can just spend so muc time on a game and can't even stand watching a movie... y eh?


Merv Kwok said...

lol ur bf hia? if so, sounds like he needs a smack on the head by You! hik hik

Alicia said...

merv : some thoughts oni.. haha

Merv Kwok said...

ur head needs a smack then haha. eh, i actually got see one time in cyber cafe, this beng bring his lian gf go play counterstrike. whole time he play, gf just sit on his lap.

i see damn shake head. ppl got gf, still go do boh liao thing. might as well no gf.

v0ices said...

For Scene 1. -->
Just log into the game yourself and keep killing him ONLY! You Brutal Gamer Grrl :P

For Scene 2 ah ... errmmm, giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he tired from working leh.

Alicia said...

merv : hoho mebbe the guy thinks dat it's cool to have a gf to sit on his lap while he's playing .. :P make evryone jelos ma..

vOices : if i were to b in that situation.. helpless leh.. dono how to play DOTA..

Ivan said...

log on, learn, and destroy him.

years ago in cybercafes, I'd see the same thing merv saw. Girls sitting beside the guys while they Counter-striked away.

They'd sit there quietly while their boyfriend games on for hours. I pity them sometimes cept I was too busy then gaming.

I think that condition is easily summed as.


Merv Kwok said...

me thinks. if i had gf. wont bring her play game unless she's a game girl. would balance do things she likes, i like, n we like.

bsides hor, that beng was getting his ass kick haha. ppl see him got chaboh on his lap, buey song him go shoot him.

DOTA kinda uh... dont find it fun

Alicia said...

ivan : ya.. some guys tend to b too egoistic n self centered.. :/

merv : go get 1 pls? xD

Merv Kwok said...

alicia, lazy. zzzzz. get once consist of going out. zzzzzzzz...

DarReNz said...

if i do that surely kena scold .... so big play what game ar ?

tom said...

Ya, its common situation with boys pigging, snoring when a girl wants to watch a chick flick and the boi is already tired after playing. Later when they grow up it will look like that : they go to work, go back home, order food. Hubbie is going to sleep and wifey is bored. - thats what happens to many many marriages. Routine is the worst thing which can happen to you in your own life. Get rid of it as much as you can.

bb :)